Managing projects with Excel or emails?

There is a better way…

Replace the mess of spreadsheets, emails and whiteboards with a simple workspace for everyone to collaborate together

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Know status of all your projects and tasks

Real-time information on progress, timeline, budgets.

ep everyone accountable

Personal assignments, deadlines, status reports, audit trail.

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resource loading report

Predict Resource Workload

Who is available? When can we start a new project? Who is overloaded?

Monitor Financial Health

Budgets, Internal Cost, Customer Billing, Projected Profit and more…

financial report
guest portal

Keep Customers Engaged and Informed

Free Guest access to: submit work or change requests, track progress, communicate with the team.

Collaborate and Communicate

Post messages, attach files, approve work results and new requests.

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Integrate with the tools you use

Use products, add-ons and components created specifically for Easy Projects or that, can be easily integrated with our platform

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Integrate with the tools

Indispensable tools and possibilities, at your disposal

Activity center on Easy Project
  • Executive Dashboard
  • Interactive Gantt Chart
  • Resource Loading Report
  • Project Portfolios
  • Project Calendar
  • Time Tracking
  • Project Planning
  • Human Resources Planning
  • Team Collaboration
  • Create Custom Forms
  • And much more…
Nick Mather - Chief Technology Officer - CyberMark International

After 2 years using Easy Projects, it is now an integral part of CyberMark. We have found it to be highly customizable and versatile. …We recently implemented one of our processes directly into Easy Projects. It eliminated a process we ran through spread sheets. We estimate that it will save us 1-2 hours per project just in set up time.

Nick Mather
Chief Technology Officer
CyberMark International
Project Management Can Be Easy

Project Management Can Be Easy

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