7 STUNNING Best Free Android Apps 2020 – MUST HAVE APPS Right Now !

[Music] like every month we are back with our best free android app video in which i'll be showcasing some of the best new apps that you must try this month this time i have selected seven amazing apps that can help you to improve your productivity at the same

time it will improve your overall android experience excited so let's get started kicking off the list with using which can be a very useful app for project management where you can collaborate with your team member and discuss the important details of the project with this app you can

easily control your device from another computer or mobile and can attend meeting collaborate and provide back-end support to all the clients the app offer features like remote desktop remote phones screen mirroring and the most important tool that you won't find on other similar software that is remote game

tool that is specifically designed for pc gamers the app can be very useful specifically for technical supporters and freelancers as they can easily connect with the client with using the app has ample features to help you in project management and collaboration but if you want some more exclusive

features then you can avail the premium version of this app now tomorrow i'll be releasing a dedicated video on this app as it has to offer tons of features which we cannot cover in this particular video so stay tuned if you want to know more about this app

next up we have troopix which is a blend of some amazing home screen wallpapers and home screen setups that can be applied on your smartphones the app has a collection of high quality wallpapers designed especially for amoled displays though the app has a limited number of wallpapers and

home screen setup to offer it has enough potential to give your device screen a classy makeover the best thing about this app is that you don't need to separately choose the home screen and lock screen as it provide a perfect combination of both that you can apply on

your screen next one we have more story which is an app that can be useful for wannabe social media influencers and most of the current social media influencers do use this app to create attractive videos the app contains hundreds of templates that you can use to enhance your

content like you can add images and change the text within seconds you can also choose your favorite background score or music which you want to insert in your video unlike instagram where you can only apply selected tracks and background scores lenser is a photo editing app that is

developed by prisma labs which is a renowned name in the field you might be thinking that this app will put an extra load on your device storage and why you should download this app if you have so many photo editing apps already the standout feature of this app

is that it has an intuitive portrait editor that can help you to remove acne and wrinkles from your selfies with the help of filters of the lenser you can smoothen your face and create perfect flawless skin selfies you can also highlight your face put it at the center

of the selfie alongside background blur that will produce a perfectly edited professional image next we have buffer to be a social media influencer you need some good managing skills to manage all your content on your social media accounts and at the same time need to stay interactive with

your followers this is easy for celebrities as they have pr manager that manages all the stuff now you can also hire a virtual social media manager that will help you in managing all the stuff of your social media handles buffer helps you to schedule and track the performance

of your content across all the social media you will get frequent insights about your post with the help of easy to read analytics and then you can plan and post accordingly next up we have action blogs which is the latest app developed by google that lets you create

routine with google assistant and save them in the form of an icon on your home screen all you need to do is hit the icon which you have saved on the home screen and google assistant will do the task for you the app is a real time saver

and can be very useful for old age people and persons with disabilities though the app has some bugs we can expect better updated version of the app in the coming future so the last app on our list of best android apps is firefox screenshot go we all have

a knack of taking screenshots while scrolling our social media handles or while browsing any information but later on it becomes very difficult to find the screenshot you are looking for in your gallery collection finding your desired screenshot can become like picking hay in the stack but don't worry

mozilla has firefox screenshot go that can help you organize all your screenshots in a well-defined categorized form you can go to the app and just search for your file name and you will get your desired screenshot that you have saved now these kind of apps are quite rare

to find on google play store and that is why this is the part of our best android app list so guys which of the above app you like the most do you know of any other app that we should have added to this list do let us know

your thoughts in the comments down below and for more future videos like this do consider subscribing and hit the bell icon so that you never miss any future videos from extreme droid so this is samir signing off and i'll see you guys in my next [Music] one [Music]

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