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Marshall here, wanna do someyoga together? Awesome! Let’s go, go, go, yoga friends! Tree Pose is my favorite yoga pose! It’s the perfect way to practicea little Pupfu.

My friends will show you how it’s done.

Wear your comfiest clothes.

And use something as a mat soyou won’t slip around.

– Ready for Tree Pose?- I’m fired up! Start standing with your hands atyour side.

Here’s where it gets ruff.

So, take a big breath! Lift one foot and put it on your legabove or below the knee.

– Like this?- Pawesome! Now try a chop! Whoa! Now switch sides.

– Chop the other way!- Chop! Amazing! Wow! You did tree pose! Chop, chop, chop! [giggles] Wow! Yoga makes me feel pawsome!How did that feel to you? Yeah, I love it too! I also love Pupfu! Whoa! Whoa, whoa! I’m okay.

Hi there, I’m Molly.

Let’s get upand do some yoga.

This is my favorite yoga pose.

I call it Guppy Pose, because even if you’re not a guppy, it’ll make you feel like one.

My friends will show you how to do it.

Are you in comfy clothes? Great! And get something to use as a matso you won’t slip around.

– Come on, Mom.

– First get down on your belly.

Take a big breath.

Put your arms backand stretch your legs way out! Great! Now lift your legs alittle bit.

A little more.

Another big breath and stretch! Okay, here comes the guppy part.

Swim! – I’m a guppy!- You sure look like one.

Great job! I love yoga because it makes me feelrelaxed and ready to play.

How did that make you feel? Soundsamazing! Now get swimming! Sounds amazing, now get swimming.

Hello Umi friend! Bot here.

Get on yourfeet because we are going to do some yoga.

Great gizmos! I love this yoga pose!It’s called Robot Chair Pose! Because it makes you look like you’resitting in a chair.

My Umi friends here will showyou how to do it.

Get some comfy clothesand something to use as a mat, so you don’t slip all over the place.

We're ready! Start by standing with your hands atyour side.

Take a deep breath and sit back like you’re sitting in a chair.

– Can you go a little lower?- I’ll try.

Now! Stretch your arms all the wayout and… – Robot arms!- Yeah! Move those arms like a robot! Can you take another deep breath andstretch your arms up even higher? Yoink-A-Doinks! You got it! That’s it!That’s Robot Chair Pose.

Umi-riffic! Ahh! Yoga makes my body feel good andmakes me feel so calm.

How about you? Great! I love Chair Pose because Istill get to extend-o-arms! Thanks for doing yoga with me.

See ya next time! Hi! I’m Shine! Wanna do some yoga with me?Genie-rific! Let’s go, yoga friends! I call this Genie Warrior Pose and itmakes me feel zahramazing! These two friends are gonnashow you how to do it! First put on comfy clothes and usesomething as a mat so you don’t slip around.

– Let’s do it, Mom!- Yes! Take a nice big breath!Then stretch your legs really wide! Turn one foot forward and bend that knee.

Like this, Mom.

Take another big breath and arms out!That’s it! – Now say, Boom Zahramay!- Boom Zahramay! Boom Zahramay! [giggles] Now switch sides! Genie-rific! How did it make you feel? Me too! Thanks for posing with me! Hi Umi friend.

It’s me Geo!Wanna do some yoga? Great! Come on yoga friends! This is Triangle Pose and it’s shapingup to be my favorite yoga pose.

My friends are gonna show youhow it’s done.

Get into comfy clothes and havesomething to use as a mat, so you don’t slip around.

Ready, Dad? First spread your legs way apart.

Then spread your arms way out! Now put your hand on your shin andreach your other hand to the sky! Take a deep breath and stretch, stretch, stretch! Look, I'm a triangle! Do you see the triangle? That’s it! You just made a Super Shape! Now switch sides, spread your legs andarms, and try it again! That’s how you do Triangle Pose.

Now let’s crazy shake it out! [giggles] Awesome job! Did it make you feel good? Me too! You’re really great atyoga Umi friend.

See you next time! Hi! I’m Gll.

Ready to do some yoga?Come on, yoga friends.

Here’s my favorite yoga pose, Cobra.

It’s called Cobra Pose because itmakes you look like a snake.

Cool, huh? My friends are gonna show you howto do it! Make sure you’re wearing comfyclothes and have something to use as a mat so you don’t slip around.

– Let’s do it!- First get down on your belly! Put your hands under yourshoulders and push up.

Make sure your fin… or your feet, if you go ‘em, are flat against theground.

Try swaying from side to side.

– Do you feel like a baby cobra?- Yeah! Awesome! Take a deep breath, straightenyour arms, and lift even more! Stretch those cobra arms out! Wow!You look just like snakes! – Take a breath and hiss like a snake!- Hiss! Ah! Snake! [laughing] Oh! It’s just you guys.

Finn-tastic! That’s how you do aCobra Pose! Ahh! That felt great! I love yogabecause it makes me feel strong and kind of calm.

How did it feel to you? Awesome! Wait, I think I hear a… a cobra! [laughing] Find more on Noggin.

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