AZOV 64131: Actually the BEST truck in SnowRunner?

make a video about the yeah Piazza make a video make a video about the other make a video about the other laying a video about the other alright fine I make a bloody video these days because of Technology six degrees of separation has become three but when it

comes to snow in a comments you are only ever one degree of separation away from someone who loves the as of six four one three one honestly if I had a great British pound for every time someone recommended it I'd have liked not enough to retire but I

could certainly buy a lot of Cornish Pasties cream tea scones and other British cliches anyway the point to this video is to see if all these people were right or wrong is this a case of no smoke without fire forty-eight wheeled off-road Russian truck well first impressions are

bonzer it has always on all-wheel drive and diff lock plus the fuel capacity is a healthy 350 liters and it drinks single-digit amounts when cruising it could also have the seismic vibrator still long for those pesky signal search missions that unlock the garage and Ximena Gosk where things

fall down for the as of six four one three one of it is that there's no high range gearbox boo which would have helped with speed because in snow runner there's normal time then there's as of six four one three one time the sort you may as well

measure with a sundial instead you have the advanced special gear changer which is basically the equivalent of the off-road or snow run a gearbox because of its three low gear speeds in this case glacially slow continental drift slow and coastal erosion slow you also have relatively few tire

choices and only one size which is 47 inches giant for a car yes but small for a truck in snow runner thankfully you get all-terrain off-road mud unchained tire options there's no sign of highway although these are largely useless anyway because there's so little unspoiled tarmac to drive

on when it comes to being useful the as all six four one three one makes all the right moves there's a big yellow crane with a green base for lifting things flatbed for carrying things van body add-on for repairing things maintenance frame add-on for repairing things a bit

less but also some fuel sideboard bed for carrying things that like to fall out fuel tank I'm fifty loading crane for lifting things and the usual high and low saddles interestingly kind of the spare tire there's a default accessory so you don't even need to put that on

that's already better than the otega 6-4 3-6 which has no big crane or maintenance option plus the azov can have the crane and flatbed at the same time at least on xbox one where the tiger cannot although it does look ridiculous as it pushes the flatbed back miles

it's worth noting that if you want even greater utility the as of seven three two one zero can do a crane flatbed and trailer in the case of the six four one three one just remember to take that little blue crane off when using the saddle as rather

annoyingly you'll get a warning about a conflict and will be able to attach a trailer and you'll only find out about this when you get to the trailer so you'll have to drive to the location again this is despite the fact the customization menu lets you fit both

you also get a snorkel where it should be called a chimney as it sits on the roof way out of waters way plus there's a reasonable amount of customization for making it more personal although bear in mind the metal roof visor means you cannot use the mirror fun

fact map okay so I'm exaggerating about the lack of speed a little especially as you soon get into a habit of getting it to change from first to fourth gear as fast as possible which improves the situation with that third if you're used to the tiger king 4

on AE full three eight zero twin steer or any other fast truck the AZ of six four one three one will feel noticeably like a truck with a bad case of flu but as fans of the six four one three one will cry snow runner is not about

speed Ben your big Wally it's about being able to rely on your truck to move cargo from A to B no matter how muddy or snowy or remote can this particular as of do that mostly as it turns out those who say and never get stuck are perhaps

more sensible drivers because I've got it stuck in mud snow and rivers in fact despite the chimney being on top seems as if you can stop moving underwater too so it's a bit pointless it's that high despite showing these same 5-speed gearbox as the T is at full

twenty tarter and the same number of wheels and the same number of wheels that steer the azov is much less capable off-road it really stays in one gear when things get tough particularly in Russia and Alaska just like other trucks the Azoff is prone to tipping over if

you fit a top-heavy add-on such as the maintenance one with the crane and flatbed however its tipping point is confidence-inspiring that's all well and good except for the fact it's so slow making it better at towing big trailers than mobile repair duties the simple fact is that I

think a lot of people have love for the as all six four one three one because it's very capable not that expensive and available early on think of it as snow runners training wheel or arm bands that you cling onto for dear life in these scary early days

it feels safe warm and dependable for me though it's just too much of a lumbering beast to enjoy I want to make bad decisions and put my steering line choice through harsh terrain to the test I like getting stuck sometimes so I have to engage all wheel drive

or diff lock falling over believe it or not is part of the learning curve with the other six for 131 you're in a grey limbo sort of place it's neither super effective off-road in the worst conditions nor is it enjoyable enough to make up for the lack of

speed basically other trucks do the same thing at a faster rate with greater satisfaction which makes up for them being typically first year as I always say those snow runner is a games so use what you enjoy the AZ of six four one three one is a capable

beast early on and even in the end game it's just not my cup of cream tea now if you need me I'll be running away from the angry masses of fans that I just upset and on that note I better get a head start but before that it's

time to talk about some of the best recent YouTube that's worse than last week I never know whether to do a short or long version of this but I personally love this part of the video so I hope you guys and gals do too now first up isn't

a comment specific to anyone because a lot of you guys have talked about this but it seems as if the latest hotfix update which is mainly for fixing the ps4 version the graphics and other things you now have flashing lights and headlights that work and don't blind you

so Wow progress has been made so that's decent I also asked in my latest video about scout trucks or just trucks in general he guys would like to see in snow Rena we had a lot of you guys coming up with some cool ideas I Susie trooper Subaru

Forester I like the Subaru Brat because that's just such a cool tiny little vehicle Mercedes 6×6 yeah a lot of those six by sixes are pretty cool-looking machines not the gym neither Samurai yeah fair enough the Willys Jeep yeah another beast I always wish the devs would do

sort of GoFundMe type things for certain projects so I wouldn't mind chucking a few quid at them if it helps speed up adding stuff like you know it's a it's a fun game but clearly they're sort of struggling a little when it comes to manpower and kroner and

all this kind of stuff and a lot of you love this shirt that thing is just ridiculous it's it's so cool Faisal Khaled said I just want to see more normy cars like the Toyota Corolla I just want throw it in the mud and laugh at it yeah

I can understand that having normal cars and just seeing how miserable bad they would be in all terrain they can be quite fun someone else suggested the Toyota Prius so you can play the game as if you're an uber driver that would be an interesting DLC shall we

say NFS fan Andrew Need for Speed fan presumably I want the ripsaw a PC and someone replied that would be dope yes that ripsaw is an absolute beast I think it's maybe more so than the Tartar and 420 and that's that's saying something by the way I do

try to look at all comments but it's getting a little more difficult so I'm not gonna lie I like to dedicate a little bit of time to read them all and respond but I guess it's just gonna get harder and harder that's what she said so yeah forgive

me if I don't reply but there's a pretty good chance I read it at least and yeah I will try my best mark Miko mica said yes I have a unimog in my driveway I mean yeah it's cool to have one in snow runner but I would like

hehe me hugging my driveway more than in snow runner and then he said it doesäôt tractor a tractor that's what I use my mug for driving it on the roads here in the States it's pretty hilarious at 60 miles an hour I pass all the other local farmers

driving their slowest tractors yep I can imagine that is quite satisfying Carson Richard said brilliant just like the matrix both worlds are seamlessly blended you have found your purpose neo I mean Ben thank you yeah I love real cars and I love racing games and sim racing so

a big part of this channel is trying to combine both and also the photography of it something I haven't done so much recently but it's definitely on the cards you know I just think it's cool you know things are will some people love the real ones some people

like them in games and people like both and seeing as it's my job to write about them the real ones you know I thought I would apply the same techniques or Lakoff to digital cars so here we are Mitchell Phillips said a shirt would be so Opie or

empowered if you a bit older we use them at work and they can literally drive them through quicksand two people have responded with the most obvious question what do you do for work or where do you work I mean come on now who he gets to drive a

shirt for their job and that's that's awesome you need to respond Mitchell Phillips if you're listening okay a lot of us need answers w-4 1k3 our hash 206 5-0 that just rolls off the tongue said I would like vehicles with tracks yeah I think I've seen some modded

trucks with tracks but sadly nothing official that would be really cool because obviously wheels are amazing and have their pros and cons but tracks alike next level off-roading shares JD said by the way is it just me or by the way is it just me or is there

a bug with the a in case first person where your head comes off I haven't seen this but it sounds fun so we should all go and look at this and see if it's a thing I had a comment from su he was a little angry stop buying

these god-awful 50 euro Triple A games that are paid to win and still stuff microtransactions down your piehole I mean I could finish the rest of that comment but essentially there really isn't much in the way of microtransaction stuff in this game there's the season pass which is

fine if you want the DLCs and you can buy the con separately if you didn't get it with the original version and you get a free skin but that's it really there are a lot of amazing trucks that you can just play the game to use I mean

you can get the Tigers straightaway virtually and then you're set for the whole game pros and cons I can make it too easy but this definitely applies to a lot of other games and I guess you could say it's annoying that this game was released in a slightly

unfinished state but yet a microtransaction stuff no not for snow runner at least not yet anyway Raika said you should do a comment video if you're commenting about comments that people leave here in the comments section I'll give you that so I responded I was thinking about commenting

on the subject of my comments video about commenting using comments commented in the comment section yet there is a psychological phenomena where you say a word a certain number of times and it loses meaning because you sort of disconnect the sound with the stored memory of what it

actually means so that's that's fun anyway why am I talking about this and one last very quick comment from Ethan Garvey he said then there's just me patiently waiting to maybe see my comment at the end of the video it never happens yeah I'm afraid Ethan that it's

gonna continue to never happen you will not feature in the comment section at the end of the video I'm sorry about that but unfortunately you can't always have what you want and on that note take care bye [Music] [Music]

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