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[Laughter] [Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] [Applause] we're like find the livery stable marshal all right thanks fool yeah that's didn't down what is it a pickup horses at the stable and right to the Fort Mason you'll be fed when we get there hungry now I'm warning you Mason now I'll let it go max it's not gonna hurt anything if we watch here in town watch your step you'll pull true punishment for a solid month hey soldier that train goes all the way to Albuquerque Flagstaff and then the West coach why marshal way you talk man think you want me to get right back on that train how is Leavenworth Vardi a laugh a minute well this is no joking matter I don't want you in Cimarron or on the strip even the whole works huh yeah I do all right Marcia I'll get out of your stinking town as soon as I buy a gun and a horse I hear dicas in the territory you got any messages farm yeah I do you tell him to get out and if he's planning to set up shop in the outlet the army will be down his throat and if he moves under the strip I will general no tell him that I don't want to have to kill him that's nice I got no such feelings towards you I shoot you down just as fast as I would any other Mad Dog Mac have you seen my thank you I think he's sick but sick is he's gonna be we don't shape up never you're ready mate why'd you lie finish his lunch it said more than enough time I don't think you're listening to me [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] what's the idea are you all right now I only my age so don't worry about him I just touched him on light one what's the matter with him anyway hi Marshall he said it was Cimarron that doesn't make any sense I've never been here before Connect you'd better throw him in a Cell I'll get my room ready what's to me like his jaws buster Marshall yeah I've seen metal looking noses come on I hope you get him over to the docks [Music] [Applause] [Music] robbery arson looting murder and mayhem and you say you were in the army with him I scouted for him during one campaign it wasn't a bad soldier long as they were enough minions around the Cure work himself up to captain as wasn't room out what for the things he learned from Quantrell and his Raiders on the Kansas border and now he's gonna sign out for all army deserters what do you mean he recruits them well that's what I hear there's not a soldier around that as a note of them nor a field commander who wouldn't enjoy hangin in personally you'll make it fine thanks to you I've got another one for you as you well know he's all yours major Mason I'm major Covington you missed an daddy's gonna see corporal Boland he's going to be all right I'm willing to listen to your version of the fight if you care to tell me don't you gotta say anything at all no sir Mason you been in the Army for quite a while you know that what you've done is a court-martial offense sergeant take him back to the fort and place him under guard emulation man Dynamat it sent here on some sort of a road building project Ben do you remember a hard case by the name of Bardeen court-martialed at Fort Riley away in prison some place you put him in here you're not there any longer I saw him this morning got off a train himself a gunner horse rode off into the oven joined eager more than likely they used to run together and nobody goes off into that outlet for fun they could give you and me a lot of trouble knocking over banks robbing stages train come on now Jim you know I can't use the troops as a posse to Ben the deserters turncoats living on government land if you can't use them now when can you use them see you later Jim if you need a witness why you know where you can find me I'll let you know can i Jim [Music] I want this to be a private conversation go out and have a smoke let you know I'm finished a major I'm gonna have to bolt the door sir rest the service record arrived from Fort Belvoir date and place of birth mother's maiden name not much doubt about it is there no sir how is your mother dead I'm sorry how long ago you mean makes a difference to you of course it does five years ago I would have been about the time you enlisted in the army that makes sense what's that supposed to mean your mother hated the army she never wanted you to join up while she was still alive she left me about two months after we were posted at Fort Wingate was bad country dust and snow snakes Indians you understand why it was too much for her as soon as I could get a leave I went south looking for the two of you I couldn't find you you were less than a year old when I saw you last you're just about through major he'll listen to me your mother hated me it's because I was behind me that's all that is not all your liar I've decided against having you court-martialed doesn't seem to be indicated considering the circumstances our one day help from you major whatever I got coming I'll take it you'll get no preferential treatment from me you treated the same as any other soldier with your problem I got no problem not at all except that you were taught to hate your father from the time you could talk I an impaired woman look I just don't want you to blame anything I did on my mother and I want you to stay at all stay out of this here I want you to stay out of my life [Music] major you call me sir early hey Seymour yeah you just come back on right must be about four o'clock huh second shift yeah hey Mason yeah sounded like you were really telling the old man off this afternoon you know I'm someplace before no tell me something I always get this cold here at night the same cold I haven't been warmed to sit foot in here it gets a whole lot worse that's good news I don't suppose you give me a blanket take one off the other beds I did this but one extra well I guess gonna be a ring might smell Kyle horsey tho come out of the stable I don't mind I've been much obliged [Music] Seymour I'm much obliged [Music] [Music] Thanks just as soon he didn't try to bring him in themselves just let me know anybody's Potsie thanks again well what do you want to do bring him in on your own that might be the best way you saw him in action I think he's troubled enough to be dangerous I don't want anybody to be hurt including him that's right you've got deserters before Ben what's so special about him it's my son [Music] I'd like a whiskey and a beer I said a lock of wood yeah you make all these little boots yeah that used to be a sailor there's ten health it's only he used to be I heard tell you can find me man named dica George dica err wrong no I heard right I got nothing but time so I'll wait not here you won't now you look like a deserter to me and the deserters maybe the last thing I need be pretty good shot with that I don't have to be not from here yes you do dynamite hero left to blow you mean all the little boats all the way the Gulf I think maybe I can get a message to somebody who knows that you're the man you mentioned [Music] [Music] you want them soldier boys got off a train in Cimarron a couple days ago that's right you deserve that's right why are you all with dhikr you him what's your name Mason William Mason curry this here's Bardeen if he seems unfriendly that's because he is a dynamo yeah that's right what for it's my specialty I figured to give mr.

dick a little demonstration [Music] wonderful you never spill a drop but you made enough noise to wake the dead doctor dude boy it's a matter of placement are you three sticks but they weren't confined now I'll show you what three sticks can do when a place different you don't know what tell me he's been in the Army for five years ah guy quits when he's ready to quit being in jails made you a mighty suspicious following when you push love and let him with him for dead my army spy oh this kid ain't no spy I'll guarantee but if he is he's not gonna go anyplace we don't take him too [Music] [Music] yes you got some bad sticks huh well let's take a look hey so the army taught you how to handle that sir that's right now if I had a detonator I could show you some more tricks I'll get you a detonator I'd say this is the beginning of a long and profitable relationship you got a deal yes and forget that sir stuff this ain't the army [Music] ready anytime Kim how about now visit joy [Music] so much for the company's new burglar-proof male car rolled steel doors an instinct some small outlaw blows the roof off he asked me marshal they're gonna have to hire someone to ride shotgun just like the stage mounts well how did this car get separated from the rest of the Train I was on the siding dropped off the local 3 o'clock this morning this car shuttling between here in heat City Kansas and you'd leave a mail car down here unprotected now look marshal you got no call to tell the department how to do its job well somebody has to you're lucky this whole Depot wasn't blowing up hey do you think it might be that same bunch you know that bunch that took that Wells Fargo slate from harvesty last week yeah I do think it was the same Bunch and the same Bunch also that blew open that freight office and Jays well and kill that old man nobody could have kissed this annuity was doing their good in Mason I think it was what about you as I did it's possible sir Bravo yes sir a controlled explosion like that bill could handle it just fine all right y'all yes sir well I don't think makes him did it on his own he's writing was dica I'm sure of it you're probably right well you know I am Ben and he's gonna be hard to find but you know troopers better start looking if you don't I will [Music] guess what I go see you've never looked lovelier unless I'm very much mistaken you're looking at my bread not at me good you know what they say handsome is as handsome does and nobody can make bread where you can oh you just carry on like a little boy over fresh bread well now you know my secret yeah nothing I wouldn't do for somebody who can make bread like this no nothing that's right you sure is your own killer all right I'd like an answer to a couple of questions then mm-hmm if I can't I will why are you never married well now that's a personal question and yes so you gonna answer it hmm why I suppose it's all the running around I've been doing on my job I don't think there's a wife around and to put up with that well the right one would maybe what kind of girl are you looking for anyway I'm not looking and if I was wouldn't be a girl be a woman [Music] no I didn't resign or get thrown out I'd like to talk to you sure come on in J I think I know where to look for Dieker I want you to come along with me are you things that you and I can do a better job than a trooper Cameron this job yeah Ben your boy is a desert now what makes you think he's gonna want to he's AWOL I can make that charge stick if I bring him back soon enough are you gonna have to hook down the whole Deakin gang not just one member I know that and I'm going to but later right as soon as I get bill out of there you don't want to come along with me I'll go alone well that wouldn't be very smart bit no it wouldn't be even less smart if you came along with me he has a fact got the grapevine gets wind my bad we wouldn't be able to find anyone right that's why I'm wearing these you're not gonna be able to sit straight up in a saddle like you usually do I'll remember that I'm gonna remind you [Music] you're pretty good cook not easy it's a whole lot of talent to open up a can of being I was a golfy fine find him just fine he's good nothing wrong oh it's just a little stronger than I'm used to that song but I don't understand I haven't makin coffee the same way for 20 years now and nobody can drink up on me what do you think that means I've been trying to think of some way to tell you how much I appreciate your help that's alright then you do the same thing for me if I had a boy in drama I haven't seen him since he was that big I don't really know him the most important thing for me right now to get him away from D crap yeah well locate detail one way yeah be sure of that and maybe then we'll find a way to get your boy out of there even if he doesn't want to come along yeah I thought about that I don't have an answer I didn't ask any question well you know don't you worry about that even if we have to drag him [Music] yeah the rest is all right they're using a runner 9 I think we ought to pay them a visit you think they're d kurz men no I don't think so but they might know where to find him could save us some time we better have a good reason for wanting to see him we do we want to join up with him well you look ugly enough to get by I'm not so sure about myself oh you do believe me howdy boys that's too nice a date of you working so hard in it oh I don't want any trouble I could have given you plenty of it we've been watching you for a half hour you just like to use your fire there and blow up some coffee what do you say I know it's close enough to separate time to call it a day anyway aren't you to join us I'm Brown this is Ben white I'm Smith Jack Smith my brother Joe and that's Joe pleased to meet you hey let me for Eaton maybe good nothing tastes better than Russell beef yeah I couldn't go one way or the other all of a sudden two arrows come screaming at me and I just miss my head by a half inch now I knew the next two hours one won't miss well for the life of me I couldn't spot an Indian much less two all of a sudden here comes George dijah comes flying and flipping on his back whipping out his 44 and whop whop two Apaches drop 30 feet straight down well I tell you that boys got a pair eyes like a hawk and I bet he still does that's why old Ben and me we'd like to hook up with him we hear he's got a new outfit starting somewhere around his territory Wow what's the matter boy head go down the wrong pipe there's nothing wrong with that coffee it'll blow hair on your right then I know how you feel boy as one of the reasons I'm looking to join up with this decoy so I don't have to drink any more his car we got this working arrangement digger you don't bother us and we don't bother him now look you don't have to tell us where he is Ben and me we're gonna find him one way or the other might just take a little bit longer that's all he needs men alright that fella Bardeen told us that when he tried to recruit us well I don't see the hunter I can't tell you exactly where his hideout is but I can put you pretty close yes here's the ridge just suffice I know the size of meeting sighs stream that comes right in here now you follow that down about three mile no need to go any further I never gonna get there you said you needed more man oh I do John I do and he's a real good man too why this one here he's the marshal of the whole Cimarron strip and him he'll turn around that's major coming tonight do believe you're not a uniform major get some rope Marty are you gonna do oh I'm just gonna hang a couple of rust verses I'll leave that running irony Orson mister that's deer you butchered nice huh ranch is around he'll appreciate imagine marshal and the major turn wrestler [Music] I'm come on hook them up I can't I don't not didn't do with the hanging you do it you're making a mistake Bardeen I think maybe I Windham you all right Ben yes I'm all right look after the kid thing for you do is just lie still sorry both dead Burdine Marsh was gone after him he shot me I know he did Shh it's not important are you really a major and a marshal yes you could get that bullet out if I could just stop the bleeding I'm gonna die in a major maybe not are you still going after beaker you and the marshal just to to it see it's not really dicker I have a son who's joined up with him I want to get him out of there before he gets himself killed he's not much older than you Oh bardeen's gonna be a lot of trouble how is he you know that Matt yeah we're starting to draw with the stream and all yeah follow that stream three maybe four mile west rough country but it'll take your dicker skin I hope you find your son [Music] [Music] [Music] what you've been doing right no night there's an inside as far as I know remotely place only at disasters I don't get it yeah I think that you get did you learn all this in the army bill yeah be careful with this like I said yeah yeah how long were you in for five years must have been something about it you like how long you've been with a cap hmm about three year now here we gonna town much I mean just to go up my job where we used to go some but not for quite a while not captain says it's too dangerous anybody ever open quit first few weeks I got kind of nervous too but you'll get used to it don't even talk about quitting though don't even think it I'm telling you as a friend you're good man Khurana that boy sense them to come after me or even you just having another man I think they might have trans you know not a chance if it was anybody but crowd he couldn't get close to us without being spotted give these to the God how things coming with a gentle artist safecracking all right now [Music] the door ain't even open I don't know what happened are you telling me you can't do it no I would be able to do it I just say no I'll give it another try just get it open what bardeen's alert come meet me wait until dark it could be a long night [Music] that's more like it look at that the hard-boiled egg enough on the ham sandwich looks like we stole somebody's lunch oh you think it's funny amazing we risk our lives and break our backs to get this thing up here and you think because it's empty it's funny yeah well yes sir laughter you've been with me for a while you'll find less to laugh about this ain't a game we're playing [Music] [Music] can you move it hi I don't think it's broken no it's no use well do you think you can make it back to the horses yeah here I can make it okay no if we're not back in an hour you gotta write in for some help good luck [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] it's only me then I take it back up that numb you wanna go peacefully [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] anyone else no just me oh he's a man with him no no George you look like the marshal tell you that kid was probably I don't mind what you told me they'll be heading back to Cimarron get the horses all right oh so far so good how about you rock but look after him see what you can do it's moving pretty bad make it tight I spotted you I hit the rock news I'm glad to be out of there I appreciate you and the marshal help me sir bill I can fix it so you're not charged with desertion just a WOL that's if you return voluntarily but you'll still have to pay for all the civil crimes you committed I expect to so it's better than being dead that's what you'd be if you'd stayed with digger coming back here and clean him and his gang addy [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you've gone back and forth I'm gonna get captain Bragg out here with his troopers [Music] oh they got my horse where's bill he went for help well I'm gonna go find him I want that beaker and I want him bad I can they let him into the restaurant more quick note George [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] hey crowd come on Bo brother major gets a hole in his head [Music] [Music] [Applause] that'll do nicely papi a gun right where you are it's been a lot of years hasn't it Jim and you've been lucky let me have him George can't wait kike come water yummy I'll be well on his way you can save yourself a lot of trouble by 10:00 I lose now maybe maybe the Army's coming yeah the Army's come amazing bring them when they get you're always gonna find a couple of corpses longer wait a minute wait a minute just because Jimmy is says the Army's coming don't make it so what if a Mason here Anthony sure he did so would I with enough people shooting at me now if you're right Jim you and the major here will be a pretty good piece of training material and if the soldier boys catch up with this we'll have something to bargain with time up [Music] Gaucho Europe thereof killing I'm tired or on personally I don't think we'll see the cavalry or anyone else and if we don't he's all yours [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] well good get now for nine o'clock George well we'll give it a couple of hours anyway it's my son you missed all the excitement well you been prisoner I came as soon as I get loose you're gonna have to prove that why isn't my workers huh not this time so it boy well alright I'll prove it and then I'm gonna cave in that ugly face of yours I'll make him apologize if he's wrong well a marshal came around my tent it woke me up set a gun my ear much kept active I don't know who was on God required yeah that's right I kicked his stone I know somebody heard that cuz with a lot of shootin kidnapped you huh why they said to clear me of desertion if I could identify all the men in the outfit when I said no they tied me up said they'd beat it out of me later look here you could have made for supply and been a half way back here by now if you wanted to yeah yeah I believe you Lane all right I'm sorry kid where's my gun it's dead in my tent Thanks there's no need to hold anybody for bargaining anymore is there nope not anymore but I still think they ought to be wear something gold army braid in a u.


marshal first time I seen you smile in a month now don't mess it up take him a long ways away and bury him you here I'll give you a hand to forget it a little something find your feet crown I sit on your feet in a movie we're just getting cozy Marshall I want out of these grace I'll help you if I can as your move George George I'm gonna let you walk out of this Shack but you told Iike that you're dead unless he turns us loose George they're gonna kill me if you don't let him go easy boys George George want to make any more deals we're gonna settle down here boys I'd say for about 48 hours just long enough for him to get real thirsty does it make you feel like a Retina trap when they're sitting on all this dynamite Mason don't you see what yeah you think we can use this pipe [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] are you ready then we'll have much time to spread some distance between hitting us y'all back in Cimarron for breakfast [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you know you're as free as a jaybird at least as far as I'm concerned how come a territorial governor told me that I can't keep you in jail any longer he was so delighted to get rid of the dica gang that he decided to give you a pardon don't made you leave them all to you how serviceable does that arm soldier it's just fun peeling potatoes sir sergeant 30-days company punishment for this man and the charge on the record will be absent without official leave thank you very much major you're welcome [Music] they're generally almost call me yes I didn't give a little more time [Music] [Applause] [Music].

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