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before we show you pictures of the small but loud deeply unnerving and dangerous chorus of people calling for Americans to throw themselves on the sacrificial altar of the virus in the name of a good Donald Trump economy and liberty it's worth noting this polling out of Michigan which

has been the site of some of these protests particularly government target at the governor after weeks of attacks getting called everything from a tyrant to a Nazi Governor Gretchen Whitmer's approval rating in Michigan of her handling of the chrono virus is considerably higher than the president's and yeah

a familiar marriage between Trump TV propaganda wealthy right-wing interests and a base that runs on resentment have created this phenomenon we've all seen which again is small in absolute numbers but really one of the most disturbing I have seen in my time covering public life I got to

say people huddled together in cities throughout the country today on the steps of the Capitol in Harrisburg Pennsylvania I suppose I guess putting their bodies where their mouths are so to speak yesterday in Denver Colorado this is what happened when a nurse stood at an intersection to block

protesters to remind people of the human toll of all this [Music] go to China the entire phenomenon seems reverse engineered to solve a very obvious political problem which is this the country right now is going through literally unprecedented economic devastation and misery and mass death at a scale

that's impossible to contemplate while the conservative basis beloved leaders at the helm of all of it so there's got to be someone else to blame for more on this phenomenon the president's propaganda arm that encourages I'm joined by Angela Carone president of Media Matters of America you know

Angela seems to be three ingredients here which is that there are actual people who are actually upset and I saw a guy interviewed in Michigan Michigan about not being able buy fertilizer and that's just say like I am sympathetic to people being frustrated and upset about where everyone

is that right now like it is genuinely frustrating and upsetting but you know people can't do the normal things so there's that there's a sort of normal kind of right-wing interest and then there's to me it just seems to me that the Trump TV aspect of this is

the largest like how much have they gone all-in on these protests oh I mean in the last week they've given it there's been 87 individual segments discussing promoting advocating for this protest not and then none of them are they criticizing them I'm just a little bit of comparison

if you look at the coverage that Fox News gave the Michigan event that was more than the coverage way more than the coverage that they gave to the women's March in 2017 hmm just that one small event right got more coverage from Fox News than the entire women's

March it's it's striking to me also I it is the case that the folks at Fox News itself like they aren't coming to the building they're socially distancing they all have remote cameras like they're there the people that run the network from the business and HR side don't

seem to think like it's fine for everyone just to get together and let's go at it that's right and I actually think that's a good point because it's true from a corporate policy in terms of their practices they're not violating the social distancing but really interesting because I

think that this is a good illustration of the feedback loop between Fox and the larger right-wing ecosystem and these individuals because you know most of these Facebook events we tracked you know more than 75 of them across the country started popping up on April 10th so the question

is what was happening in right-wing media before April 10th and some of the most highly trafficked videos on the 9th and a few days beforehand but on the 9th in particular was Tucker Carlson and other Fox News segments calling for an end to the National Lofthouse making an

impassioned plea about Liberty and it's an important point because one of the things that took place in those few days before you started to see these events beginning to pop up was that Fox News stopped making the argument they were still saying it but originally they were saying

some you have to be willing to sacrifice Grandma and Grandpa for the sake of the economy but they made a switch and you know starting on April 7th April not 8 April 9 they started saying that it's not about the economy it's about liberty and freedom and that's

why we need to end these national lockdowns and immediately after is when you started to see these things popping up and look some people get the message right it's not just these astroturf II kind of groups or these national level groups putting in some of these events are

being run by elected officials in Maine the leading organizer up there is a sitting congressman in Michigan it's a state it was a state representative and an advisory member to women for Trump that were really the leaders in the Vanguard's of these events so they sort of saw

that opportunity right where fox career sort of creates a demand then you go out there and satisfy it and Fox in turn rewards you by bringing you on just like they did with the sheriff's you know if you were a sheriff and you announced that you are not

going to to find people or punish people for violating these the you know the orders of the state Fox would invite you want to celebrate you right so that's what they create them in demand and then they're able to satisfy it and reward it promote it and amplify

it there's a judge Bureau on Fox the other night had this she had a long monologue ranting about this but there's one part that stuck out to me I want to play for you take a listen we want to go back to work feed our families and as

the governor's sit there and pontificate we are the ones experiencing the reality that for every percentage drop in employment there are five to ten thousand deaths occurring okay first of all you're at work you don't have to go back to work here literally your show is but that's

your work and you're at a remote camera but also I just thought that suppose anything as the governor's sit there and pontificate they have found I mean the problem here right is like how do you do a tea party but it's Donald Trump in the White House right

how do you capture this kind of sense that people have that things are a Miss and awry and bad but you've got down from the White House and here's the answer the governor's the governor's the category of the governor's they're the ones to blame and we've seen the

president essentially work hand in hand hand in glove with that as a kind of national strategy for actually battling the virus that's right and I think you bring up a very good point there because that's in exactly a big piece of this is that you know originally it

was he was going to be the decision maker with respect to ending these lockdowns right but immediately retreated from that position and it was a very important thing when he started to shift because he said I'm authorizing the governor's to make the decision and that's when Fox News

started to really aggressively begin to push for this idea that it was time to end national lock downs and in particular and this is where it's important where the misinformation becomes fuel for these calls in these demands so one of the things you heard on Fox News that

was not true right you slept or outsourced is that in Michigan big band the sale of the American flag they said that a bunch of times on Fox that was repeated over and over again and it sounds like wow maybe Michigan has gone too far you know they

were denied you're not even able to buy a good old-fashioned American flag there and that's the point is that you create this demand you fuel it with misinformation which allows for you to then cat you to attack the governor's for overstepping right and these individuals are getting back

out there to sort of correct things and balance things out right they're only responding to the most unreasonable restrictions that don't seem to make any sense right but they actually underscore another issue which is that these governors who all disproportionately happen to be Democrats right or opposed to

Trump are bad yep Angela Carone thank you so much for for running through that really appreciate it thank you

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