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Hi everyone, welcome to home your 30 day yoga journey.

It's day 10.

Can you believe it? And today we ground Let's get started Alright pals today's practice is standing.

So even if you're coming to the session a little bit tired It's all good, but we are going to stay on our feet today, we're going to use the breath to soften any hard edges and ultimately, the session is an invitation and reminder to keep coming back to this idea of grounding in what feels good or what feels true, what feels supportive, right? this idea of like no pain no gain does not apply here It could apply in other areas of your life.

I'm not, that's really not my role to say it, but it doesn't apply here so a little opportunity to ground in what feels good and also we'll continue to build a strong foundation so we can grow some of our postures throughout the rest of this journey Here we go! feet together if it feels right for you here at the start If for whatever reason you're feeling a little bit off-balance Let's start by grounding with what feels good by just giving yourself a little more space getting your bones Underneath you giving yourself a wider base So if you are in a posture at any time throughout this journey And you feel things are too narrow or you're about to tip over you can always experiment with widening your base It's a great way to modify.

So we're here Alright here Tadasana Mountain Pose, let's begin.

We've already begun start to find a gentle lift up through the front body And Welcome a little grounding energy through the back body If you feel comfortable soften your gaze or close your eyes And send your awareness right away here down to the soles of your feet or if you're modifying This session even further just send your awareness to your foundation.

Whatever that is for you that which is touching the earth or A surface that's holding you You can just feel that connection to whatever surface is kind of meeting your body And Then from that surface hang with me See if you can ground down and on your next inhale use that connection that Downward push to lift to pull up in the body particularly the spine And I'll try to maintain that if you're like I don't quite find that Adriene no worries let's let's continue and just keep working here remembering yesterday's invitation to treat this time as self-study, you know and Time to examine and explore not necessarily to check the boxes or get it, right? Begin to deepen your breath gently finding it nice full inhale and Seeing if you can enjoy a nice long long long exhale Great big full inhale breathe in maybe ground down as you lift the heart up high lifting up through the spine And then on the exhale we soften while maintaining that connection that activation to the earth We stay grounded within the dance the kind of expansion and contraction That our breath teaches us which is right is right.

This is like kind of a great metaphor of her life, right? What goes up must come down the cyclical nature of things.

So if you're like I'm so Expand my heart is open.

I'm just like all an expansion you can bet your bottom dollar that you're going to feel The contraction but what we can control is kind of how we move In and out of that Through practice of grounding Finding what it feels like to be grounded weak kind of control that make that that loop feel More in control or at least more present easier on the mind in the body Ready for a big stretch Let's have the breath lead the way so synchronize the breath with the movement the movement with the breath inhale to reach for the sky big stretch Exhale float the fingertips down Now in your next inhale see if you can ground with the upper just touching the earth even more sand your awareness down as you inhale lift up high and Exhale floating the fingertips to your side last one.

Here we go big inhale And exhale Awesome, slowly draw the hands to the waistline here.

Pull the elbows back begin to open up through the chest Inhale and exhale drop the chin to the chest Inhale carve a little line scuse me with your nose up towards the sky and exhale chin to chest draw your shoulder blades together Inhale carve a line with the nose look up ground through the heels notice.

Have you come into the toes exhale chin to chest and inhale really be attentive with the feet or that which is touching the earth for you here India Luca and exhale chin to chest Excellent.

Keep the elbows back shoulder blades drawing together and melting down the back body as you slowly step the right foot forward So if you're sideways on the mat like me you'll want to turn to the front edge of your mat we're just going to step the right foot forward and Then the left foot back and your left toes are going to point towards the front left corner of your mat right toes straight ahead Now my Center is going to want to come out From underneath me a bit here soft bend in that front knee as you lengthen your tailbone down You're going to feel a great opening in the left hip crease here This femur is snuggling in we pull the right hip crease back this femur snuggling in and then if you feel like whoa a little bit off balance Widen your base Great pyramid posture hands again on the waistline We lift the heart inhale in Actively pull your right hip crease back or draw your lower belly up and in as you send your gaze forward give yourself the image of looking down and slightly out in front as if you were trying to lean forward to see your reflection in a body of water Now try to maintain all of this while pressing into the outer edge of that back foot I'm going to invite you to Activate this back leg by lifting your left kneecap charging up your left inner thigh Mm-hmm and Then maybe we continue the journey down a little bit more to a flat back position.

Maybe not.

This is a difficult posture So squeeze your energy into the midline start to put all of your vocabulary together Ground down through the feet keep the neck nice and long.

We're not dropping here you're here breathing deep for one more cycle in and out Good slowly rise up strong beautiful Draw your navel in and up trying to maintain this core connection throughout the rest of this practice ready Turn the right toes in turn the left toes out.

You can step this back foot up now Your right toes are pointing towards the front Right corner your new front of the mat front right corner Nice wide base Hands to the waistline Again, there's a tendency for the kind of long puppy belly to happen here draw the navel in and up lengthen tailbone down You're gonna feel that then in your right hip That strong grounded feeling like Oh back legs rooted strong And here we go draw the shoulder blades together inhale in Imagine you're looking out in front as the hips go back.

We peel the left hip crease back We stay grounded through all four corners of the feet.

We reinforce this connection and the outer edge of the right foot Now activate lift your right knee cap to tone your right quad keep your right inner thigh engaged you got to bring the breath Gazing forward hugging the lower ribs in maybe you come to a flat back position here.

Maybe you're like, okay Wow, this is a new shape interesting Breathe We're not locked out through this left knee that's a tendency here just a little tiny tiny been lots of awareness in the joints always Take one more deep breath in see if you can tuck the chin just slightly And the long exhale out Good rise up strong from Center navel draws in and up Beautiful we're gonna turn the left toes in we're you know right back to the other side this time palms together Anjali mudra at the heart if you're like, no way I'm keeping hands on the waistline great You know that that's there for you lift the sternum to the thumbs here find the link this time We're gonna inhale look all the way up towards the sky as you breathe in Exhale tug back with the right hip crease begin to lean forward Maybe you go a little lower this time, maybe not soft bend in that front knee Beautiful if the fingertips want to come down here.


You're welcome To own it Great grounded through the legs building strength Strong spine Slowly, let's rise back up this way.

You can carry your groceries when you're 90, but also carry your neighbors groceries right Talk about extra.

Let's take it to the left Hand your neighbors neighbors, okay palms together Anjali mudra find your footing Inhale in lift the sternum look up as you look up So as we inhale and find this lift We find this grounding down just like we did in Mountain Pose and then exhale peel the left hip crease back Send it forward Long neck here shoulders tugging away from the ears Activate that back leg breathe deep here So this image of kind of drawing your navel? Sucking it up towards your spine is going to help bring the front body to meet the back body here kind of defying gravity I love yoga You're like yeah, we get it Adrian we get it yoga with adriene.


Here we go Inhale in exhale come all the way back up All right if your legs are tired wonderful way to meet your edge toes are going to go forward and Then we're going to step or hop the feet together.

If you liked the heel toe move that we've already learned Go ahead and bring it together is a bit uptight inhale in here Exhale bring your fingertips down Mountain Pose, Tadasana All right from here.

We're gonna cross the right leg over the left.

Try to keep your left foot firmly planted on the earth So it's going to want to come up here.

The heel is going to want to come up inhale exhale Draw the shoulders down the back body try to maintain that as we then bring the palms together Nice opening through the chest inhale in exhale.

You're gonna bend through the knees send the hips back So we keep this micro bend in the knees as we come all the way down Hands can stay at the heart or we can release the fingertips down Let the weight of your head go here breathe deep try to stay grounded through all four corners of the feet here If you like to walk or run or jog, I'm sure this is in your tool belt if not Maybe consider Sneaking it in To come out of the posture ground through the feet bring the hands back Anjali mudra is Slavin in the knees This is going to activate from Center So if you're familiar with booty in Abunda this lock you're gonna draw the navel in and up Think of this coming from your lower belly.

If you're new to the practice coming all the way up Rolling up great.

We're gonna release and just switch right on to the other side so ground through the right foot cross the left ankle over the right Pressing down through all four corners of the feet inhale find length exhale drop the shoulders down the back body Let's try to maintain that as we now keep a little micro bend in the knees and the hips back And come forward Stay here palms pressing together you can use this as a little bit of a fulcrum just for some stability Or if it feels right fingertips can come down will relax the weight of the head over everyone breathe deep full loving breaths We gain so much more out of the practice so much more when we remember That layer of breath when more than that when we prioritize that depth of breath I always say get your money's worth, but then it's always kind of funny because this is all free but Do you know what I'm talking about? Take one more breath here big inhale and Use your exhale to with control ground through the feet come back up nice as well All the way up let's cross the ankles bring the feet together really together or hip width apart if that's your jam Inhale in exhale bend the knees send the hips back way back fingertips are going to go forward Here we go Kurtis on you got this Ground through the heels keep the ball joint of the big toe ball jointed the pinky toe mound on the earth In fact, go ahead and take a look down lift your toes lift your toes This is that four part equals standing training is almost DP he'd practice all four corners of the feet Good inhale in here Exhale sink a little lower draw the low belly in four three Two stand up tall one big inhale open up through the chest Lift your heart and exhale hands come together Namaste awesome.

Just take a second here to notice how you feel If you can detect any tightness any Tension or stress in the body you go ahead and find some soft easy movement here even shake it out Then as you're ready bring your palms to your heart so that you can feel the warmth of your Hands, either on your heart or you're a figurative heart space wherever it feels really yummy Then find a gentle bow of the head this kind of reverent bow Close your eyes observe your breath And if you haven't heard The phrase or the message? The mat is a mirror It's my pleasure to share it with you here today Let's keep this in mind each time.

We add a new theme a new intention There's an opportunity to take whatever you're working with on the mat and make a home for it Allow it to serve you teach you reflect back to you You guys are doing great thank you so much for sharing your time and energy with me what a wonderful journey we were on together Bring the palms together thumbs up to the third eye inhale, lots of love in And exhale lots of love out Stay anchored in love.

I love you guys so much.

I'll see you tomorrow Namaste You.

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