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hey guys oh my throat did you see that now normally when i'm doing a video or when anyone's doing a video they would turn the camera off now start again oh i can't do that i can't put that on the video well yes you can that's my point um most people when they're making a video when they're talking to their friends and relatives they're they're fine when they're talking on camera they start making bloopers and they turn the camera off turn the camera back on turn the camera off turn the camera back on they edit their videos to take five or six hours to do one hour of video because they keep chopping and changing taking things out well i'm here to tell you today you don't need to do that you can learn to talk naturally to the camera without um making bloopers and without getting getting all fiddly about what you're going to say because i'm going to teach you how to throw away the script and to talk about what you know and how you know it and that is basically what this video is about it's there are 14 different sentences 14 different acts um and each one tells you a little bit something about the next stage so this is what we're going to do and this is what we're gonna learn and this is how we're gonna go on so we'll get ready for lesson one okay so talking on the camera it's not like talking in real life where you are looking all around the place while you're speaking to people and you're looking down and you're thinking talking on camera is always is basically about pointing your eyes at one particular spot all the time and just concentrating on that spot while you talk now a lot of people can't do that um because they're just brainwaved into when talking with their eyes going all over the place so actually spending your time looking at one single spot is quite hard to do you might be able to do it for a little while but can you do it for like two or three minutes can you do it for an hour some people can talk on camera for an hour an hour or more and they get really excited and you can see exactly what it is um that's exact tight in them because they're telling you about it and they're they're being passionate about it um and they're just talking talking talking about moving their eyes they're just keeping their eyes focused on that one spot and just keeping it focused on that one spot it's quite hard to do i've been doing it now for about one minute and 15 seconds and um it is a bit weird actually um but you've got to keep practicing it because you've got to learn to be talking ahead that's what we are on these videos we're just a talking head so when yes talk about anything talk practice this practice looking at that one spot and talk about something that you love something that you're familiar with what can you talk about but just for hours on end without having to think about what you're talking about it could be anything it could be uh your hobbies could be your interests could be people in your life it could be anything really who what do you know who do you know what would you like to talk about just keep talking and talking and talking and do that for like two or three minutes every day well two or three minutes for as many times as you can do it that just any time you get the chance to sit and talk to the camera over and over again about anything like it the camera was your best mate like it was your best buddy you know what i mean like you've got something to say and you're gonna take to that camera because if you tell it to that camera everybody in the whole world everybody in the whole world is going to know about it and you can tell people your problems you can tell people their problems you can tell everything that you want you can just keep on talking and people and the world and the universe will get to know everything that's on your mind because you're focused upon that one little point on that camera and that's where you look and that's where you talk every time so every time you're on camera you're looking at that one point one of the things people make a mistake is especially when they're using those little mobile phones is that they don't look at the camera lens they look at the picture of them but and so you can see that they're not looking at the camera lens so it doesn't look like you're actually talking to the person on the other end of the camera looks like you're talking to someone else to this to this left or to their right so that's what you need to do so you need to practice talking to the camera and you need to practice looking at the camera and looking nowhere else but that little camera my camera is quite good because it has a little white dot on right where the lens is i think that must i don't know why it must be like inside the lens actual lens of the camera because that is where the focal point for my camera is so it's great for me i mean um it's not an expensive camera i can't remember how much it cost i bought it about 10 or 15 years ago it couldn't cost more than 30 quid probably probably cost even less than that but it's brilliant it sounds good it's got good lighting back lighting and um i don't really think i need to go out behind a new camera also the sound that you're hearing is from that camera as well so lesson one today how to speak to the camera just talk to the camera talk to the lens look at that little dot look at that little camera lens look at the center focal point and don't look anywhere else but that little focal point and then you'll find it gets easier and easier i've been doing it now for near enough five minutes i think i'm about eight seconds away from doing my five minutes which is quite good really because i haven't really took talked about anything really talked about absolutely nothing so lesson one how to talk to the camera keep your eyes focused on that one point and don't take your eyes off it just carry on talking get used to talking looking at a little one dot and that'll do us really that's doing it for a day and that's lesson one how to talk to the camera okay so when i watch people on youtube and they're making new they're making their youtube i wonder how i could ever get to be as good as them and basically it's taken them years and years and years of experience and they've all they've all learned basically one thing one like we mentioned in the last video to point their eyes at one central focus because they've also learned that not to look around and get notes or whatever because what you do is you'll end up with a tennis match between uh you'll be watching somebody looking at his notes looking at the camera looking at his notes looking at the camera which is no good really what you need to do you're going to be a youtube talking head is be able to talk on your feet about any subject that comes that you have to talk about so basically you need to answer or do three things one you need to explain why you're talking what what it is about you know what is the subject about why you need to talk about that subject and how you're going to fix it so it's the what the why and the hat and that's basically what you need to talk about um and basically you need to practice this over and over and over again anytime you get the opportunity whether you're driving a car whether you're on a bus whether you're eating at dinner whatever you're doing just practice for two or three minutes every day as much as you can whenever you can looking at one central focal point and talking about something you like something you know or something you want to talk about and think about the what what it is you want to talk about why you want to talk about it and how you can fix it whatever you're talking about um those are the main three things that what the why and the how and once you got that damn pat and you're not going to it's not going to be so much you're going to do on the first day i still um i'm only just learning this myself um it's day 21 of um my youtube channel and by the time i get to day 100 i want to be able to sit in front of the camera and talk live about any notes on any subject that i want to talk about about having to um remember or a list of things about having to remember uh topics around to remember anything just being able to talk to the camera just talk about any subject i can think of and obviously it's better to start off with something that you love something that you know about always talk about it's like writing in there always write about things you know about or write about you write about what you know write about what you feel write about what you want to do write about what you what you what you everything has to be personal to you when you first start you know because um it has to be fun it has to be interesting and you have to get passionate about it and you can't get passionate about something that you've got to research before you can talk about it you know talk about things you know about so um if you want to talk about content creating talk about that but if you don't know anything about content created talk about what you do know about don't fall into that trap or fake it until you make it i don't wanna i don't wanna get into that into that business i'm here to learn to talk about content creating on my youtube channel and i'm doing it as i go i'm not an expert i'm learning to be an expert and i'm going to be in two or three years time an expert on it why because i'm going to be studying it every day i'm going to be talking about it every day i'm going to be learning about it every day i'm going to be improving about every day even if it's just one little bit at a time one step at a time if i want to walk all the way from here to land's end then i've got to go one step at a time and i will only get to land's end if i take one step after another if i stop taking the steps i ain't gonna get there so in order to be successful you have to just keep taking that extra step every day so talk in front of the camera every day learn to talk about the camera through the camera every day and if you fluff up don't matter don't even think about editing it don't get into that stage we don't we want to start as we mean to go on and if we're going to start as we mean to go on that means just talking to the camera no editing no nothing apart from you know putting a little bit of music in the background that that's about it that that's your business so that is lesson two what why and how okay so i'm learning some really cool stuff at the moment about how to talk on camera because i want to be able to just go live talk on camera switch off the camera maybe upload a thumbnail and a title and description and then that's my job done for the day you know and i think that is where um the brilliance of being a youtuber is going to take me now obviously i'm still i haven't done day 100 yet i'm still on day 22 but every from day 0 to day 22 i've been learning learning learning changing adapting learning change adapt learn change that learn and that's what i've been doing now i'm learning the good stuff the uh the nitty-gritty and that is how to talk on camera now this little few tips i've learned about how to prepare to go on camera so first of all before you switch the camera on you have to find yourself a comfortable seat now when i first started doing videos i was doing them standing up and i found i kept swaying forwards backwards forwards backwards so then i got myself a little chair sat on a little chair i don't know noticed i was tapping my feet i thought what's going on tapping my feet and i'll be doing it while i'm talking and people be like what are you doing tapping my feet and then came back to sit at my computer now first of all i used to make them videos on my phone now i'll make them i've got a little um webcam i think i've mentioned this before i bought it about 15 years ago and it still does a good job it couldn't cost more than 30 quid it sounds good and it's got good lighting um and i haven't got any special lighting in this room so you know it's pretty good i think a pretty clear picture it's a bit i don't know maybe a bit bigger than what why you know if you move it closer and let's just do that anyway because that's the comfortable distance i feel now where the camera is so getting back to the trick find yourself a comfortable position you sit comfortably then you have to start to prepare your mindset because your mindset is different for everything you do isn't that your mindset is different when you get up and you make your breakfast you're having a different mindset so when you finish your breakfast and you've got yourself dressed and you're all ready to start working you might be sitting at your computer to make a proposal or a video script or you know anything whatever you're going to do you're going to have a total different mindset then when you go off and have a break different mindset when you get on when you're driving your car different mindset so there's a different mindset for making videos and that is especially true for videos because you want to make awesome videos so first thing you do set yourself comfortable and get your mindset ready now this is something i've learned from the video lessons on how to talk on video but it's also something i learned in the gym it's something in yoga and that is um just breathing in for the nose out for the math now in yoga i know that they um that's how you dispel all the negative energy that's inside you and i think that works in reality for everything reuben and breathe out and you know if you when you breathe in if you're breathing from the tummy right so you breathe in and you feel your belly go out like a ball when you let go the air belly goes back in and that actually gives you you know breathing actually gives you more energy this is something i learned a long time ago as well you know when you you're at work or you're doing something and you're bored just breathing feeds the brain of oxygen makes it more exciting it gets you less bored and you you get you feel big so now you've sat comfortably you've done your breathing so you're feeding your brain oxygen and now just say to yourself just a couple of times i'm going to make an awesome video right i'm going to make an awesome video now awesome i'm going to make a great video for my customers my clients whoever wants to watch it i'm going to make a good video and then smile now this is something i always forget to do or always have forgotten today because i i've got one of those downside-y maps so i need to smile more than anyone really if you've got some people have upside your mouths and they're okay great but if you like me and you've got a downside in mouth then you have to smile more don't scare people like me though no so that's it that's how to make i had to start your awesome video i just tapped my feet again getting excited um so comfortably sit down brave problem with something and then you're going to make an awesome video you're going to make an awesome video just say that a couple of times and then click the button to start but obviously because i've been teaching i'm going to click the button to stop but yes this is all good stuff in there i'm really loving it really enjoying this tutorial and because for me this channel youtube channel i i am learning to make a youtube channel and from start and i'm video logging it to the end in two years time i will be professional if i do it every day by two years i'll be a professional and hopefully that's when i'll start getting my subscribers and start getting um monetized but until then i've got to do one step every day because you need to get from here to there you need to travel a distance physically busy logically do it every day every day when you sit down and print your camera you do a video log you're physically traveling to your destination and that's where you want to be so lovely and also this is great for me because i get to learn make a video so i'm doing two things at the same time i'm learning making a video to upload at the same time and you're hopefully gonna learn from what i'm learning so we're both learning at the same time if you follow me and there we go there we have it and the great thing is the way that i'm learning this and the way that i would recommend you learning as well is that we start from scratch to talk on camera without doing any editing because some people sit for hours editing that they make a video and then they'll sit for hours editing it why that's not what youtube's about youtube is about having an easy life isn't it just come on make a little video and go away again talk to you when we go live about to talk to um people that want to talk to me and um that'll be it stop stop tapping your feet don't tap your feet and you'll be all right just sit comfortably brave say to yourself you're gonna make an awesome video and then you're done make the video okay so that was a great lesson wasn't i enjoyed that really enjoyed it oh yeah don't forget to smile smile before you turn the camera and then smile as much as you can really smiling's good makes everyone happy all right speak to you later bye hello hi it's brian from d health and in today's video we're going to be discussing how a summary can help how you should start your video with a summary so we're going to be discussing what should be on the top of your mind when you're making the video how a summary can help you make the video we're going to discuss three benefits of how a summary can help you and then finally how to create a summary so when we're making a video it's very important what's on the top of our mind before we make it because often we get an idea we're gonna we've got a title we've got an idea what we're gonna talk about you might even have a script but you can't read a script while you're making a video that it doesn't work it should be live a tennis match so what really helps you is having a summary some little bullet point lists that you can put in front of your camera i've got um i don't know if you can see this that's my camera and underneath the camera you can see my summary now you might know might know my camera is about 15 years old and i've got it stuck on a wine bottle because it's the perfect height for where i want to where i want to see and be seen so what's on the top of your mind obviously what was on top of my mind just then was the camera and the bullet points that i had shown there so it's very clear what you have to have top of your mind is the content the topic of what you're going to be talking about have it clear in your mind before you start talking next i want to talk about how a summary can help you and as we just i sort of shown you a summary can it can be a great tool for making a video because it gives you three benefits to start off with the first benefit that is um it gives you what it sets out in your mind at the top of your mind what you're going to talk about that's the first benefit of having a summary which is a little bit obvious isn't it the second benefit is it gives you a clear structure of where to go and what to talk about and how and when and what time to talk about stuff you get you know a beginning a middle and an end so that's the second benefit the first benefit brings to the top of your mind what you're going to be talking about second benefit gives you a clear structure of what you're going to be talking about so you're not going to ramble on about your hair or what the weather is like which i often ramble on about when i'm making videos i'll start a video not very good day today the rubber is a bit poo anyway stop it get back onto track use your summary first what's on top of your mind second the structure and third it gives to you the watcher an idea of what i'm going to be talking about and you're going to know within a few seconds what exactly is i'm going to be telling you about so that's the second the third benefit right so i've showed you the picture of my uh you can use post-it notes you can use a piece of paper i'm using these labels at the moment just a label and um all right just a few because it's quite a small label so you just have to make a few little point keeps you concise as to what you're going to talk about so that's how i make my um bullet points certainly i've only done it today because i'm only learning i'm teaching as i learn and which is great because i get to make a video learn what i'm talking about and actually make a video to upload to youtube at the same time so double bubble in it double bubble so just to recap what should be on the top of your mind when you start the video obviously the content of what you're going to be talking about a summary can help you keep on track it will one bring to the forefront of your mind what you're going to talk about two give you a clear strategy of how to talk about it and three give your watchers an idea before they watch the video what you're going to talk about so it's a no-brainer really isn't it um i think it's a brilliant idea so that's what i'm going to do from now on so i don't know if you can notice whether on looking at the notes or whether i'm looking at the camera i don't think there's that much difference but that's an important thing because you don't want people to think are not he's reading from a bullet point oh he's reading from a script you just want people to think that you know what you're talking about which is a good idea why are you going at the top of your mind and then you have your little summary to keep you on track so you don't get distracted and when you do get distracted it can bring you back and that's how you do it really that's the end of my lesson and uh i'm on to the next lesson see you next time hi hello it's brian again from dear health and well we'll talk about trashing the script today how many of you spend hours because i have spent hours writing a script before i make a video and then making the video and editing it spending more hours that's not what youtube is about is it what we want to do is trash this script and put a new perspective on our videos what do i mean by that well we need to get rid of the idea that we need a script and that we need to edit our videos afterwards we don't need to do that when you go to your friends or you go to visit your mum your daughter your father your brother your sister your friend your lover your boss your auntie whoever you're speaking to you don't walk up to them and go hello how are you today and then wait for an answer oh yes it is sunny isn't it you know you don't speak like that you just talk to them don't you you know what you're going to talk about and that is the thing you know what you're going to talk about it's on top of your mind already you may even have rehearsed it sometimes now when we get angry sometimes and we keep rehearsing what we're going to say to somebody what we're going to say to somebody and then you meet them and you don't say anything you don't say anything that you've prepared you just talk to them because your perspective on talking is so different and the fact is we're just not used to talking on camera and that is what my first hundred days is all about if you uh look at my videos my first hundred days being on youtube is to learn how to talk about to the camera i don't care if i don't learn anything else if i only learn how to talk to the camera then i've succeeded so when i go live i could just talk to the camera quite easily quite happily so you might think that oh god i have a script was i'd be nervous but you're more nervous with a script what happens when you're reading the script and you keep doing all that first of all it don't look right second what happens when you you misplace where you're going to be right reading from oh where was i uh oh there it is that's where it was you know having a script isn't that good that is why you need to edit your stuff afterwards it's the script that makes you need to edit stuff not talking so we want to look at and treat our videos from a new perspective like we're talking to somebody who's our friend and we have a subject the content of this uh video is trashing the script so i've been saying right from day one i want to learn to just talk to the camera so that's what you have to do really is talk to the camera we've talked about in the last video how having a summary can help you so in this video talk about how nervous that is reading from the script how why such a waste of time it is reading from a script and then editing it because you've got to write the script and you've got to edit then you've got to talk you've got to keep your eye on the camera and try to read the script at the same time it's also it's all right if you've got an auto queue and you're in a professional uh news office where they have the camera set up and the auto uh script set up so that they can sit and read the auto script maybe you've got room to do that in your house i don't know um but yeah get rid of the script get rid of the editing the idea of editing is just preposterous to me i haven't done that since i started and talking to the camera like it's your best friend like it's your student like it's your pupil and just getting that new getting that fresh perspective in your life that you don't need a script you just need a summary with three or four bullet points and to change your perspective on life on how you perceive the camera you don't need a script in normal life you don't need a script on camera so that's my lesson for today trash the script get rid of it and stop editing don't edit such a waste of time the whole point of youtube is that you can make a five minute video in the morning and go and enjoy the day come back next day make a five minute video enjoy your day that's the whole point so but you know obviously once we get there it's going to be great you might have to spend a few minutes looking for your comments and stuff but that should be fun too i'll get in a few comments mainly spam why do people spam i just don't understand it anyway trust the script trust the idea of editing and just talk and there you go there you have it brian nelson from the health.

com have a great day hello it's brian again from dear health well what we're going to share with you in this video what i've been learning in my next lesson was um memory aids how to use a memory aid while making your videos right you could have a whiteboard like this or you could you know have one here like this with some bullet points on so people can see um just you know you could have just bullet points so people can see what you're going to be talking about because they want to know what you're going to be talking about and they want to hear you talking about it and then they want to hear you make a conclusion about it so memory aids are a great way of keeping yourself on track a bit like your summary but it's a memory aid below the submarine maybe also by the side with all the relevant details on because um whiteboards are a great way of doing that and um you could just i could just keep pointing up here couldn't i um number one memory a number two whiteboard number three where to put the whiteboard because you could put the whiteboard in you of the camera and keep looking at it and that's perfectly okay i think or you could have the whiteboard outside of the scope of the video say like here but can you see what yeah you can see my eyes when i'm looking to the side um so that's where but that's okay as long as you just keep flicking as long as you're not reading from notes or reading a script you've just got a few bullet point notes on your little whiteboard somewhere either within the scope of the camera or outside of the scope of the camera and then you can just keep referring to it and it's okay you don't have to look at the camera 100 of the time you can keep looking away every now and again i mean that's a great way of doing it so you've got yeah basically a memory of bullet points of what you're going to be talking about so you don't forget because um you know we cannot forget we can all forget where we are what we're doing and um we don't want a script we don't want to make notes so it's just extra work so just quickly write down well i use these i use these to write um bullet points and summaries just it's because it's really small isn't it so you have to be really compact and then i can just stick that below my camera so i can look down i don't know if you can notice whether i'm looking at it now or whether i'm looking at the camera whether i'm looking at my notes or the camera can you see i'll have to check that later when i uh have to review the video and check that later to see if you can see it but yes remembering memory aids just little notes on a whiteboard let people see it or don't let them see it keep it outside the script or inside the script and there you have it really not really much to go on about just making memory ace that's all it's about so all right well my name is brian from dear health and hope to see you on the next video hello it's me brian i'm from deerhealthin.

com what i want to talk to you about today is inspiration and i mean inspiration to like what you're going to talk about i mean inspiration into how you talk to the camera because um the camera's just a piece of plastic isn't it or you know it's got a camera lens on it mine's got a lot of light and but it's just a little bit impersonal isn't it and so how do you get inspired to talk to people on the other side of the camera well this is my idea i have a picture here of my mum you know she passed away recently unfortunately um but you know you you go talk to your mom i don't know if you did or if you do um but she's one of the people i used to talk to and i find it very easy having a picture of her below the camera so but i can change the picture for other people at different times depending on what i want to talk about and who i'm going to be talking to um but that's just one idea just having a picture underneath the camera or above the camera because i don't know if you can notice um i don't think you can actually i tried this before you can't really tell whether i'm looking at the picture or the camera in the picture the camera the picture of the camera see it's very little difference um so you can just sit it gives you a focal point much to look at or more you're talking uh makes it a bit more personal and you know depending on what you want to talk about if you wanted to talk about teaching lessons you could have a picture of a people if do you have if you have people that you could put a picture of your people underneath there you're talking to friends and relatives somewhere across the world it doesn't matter because um you know it's different isn't it but if you're talking lecturing people um and different places you could have pictures of of the students underneath you could put pictures whatever you want really could be a picture of the cat if you wanted to your dog you know just makes it a little bit more personal it's just a little touch um for making videos and because we want to make them honest and as clear as possible so having a little bit of an inspiration of who you're talking to it does work and it is a good idea well it works for me so i don't know if it worked for you i'm not here to tell people exactly what to do i'm just telling you what i do um because that makes sense for me we're all different we all have different personal experiences we all look different we all have different voices we all have different faces so we're all different i'm just teaching you what i've learned and this is what i've learned how to be inspirational on camera and it works for me so hopefully it will work for you too and um it's quite simple really not any reason to bang on about but it's just one of those little extra nice little touches to have if you um if you want to go forward and make yourself a youtube channel so well my name is brian i'm from dear health food and i'm gonna speak to you on the next video hopefully your watch can watch hi it's me again brian from dear health and i've had to um do some decorating to uh try and get the glare from my eyes i played about 100 videos so far and they've all had glare in the eyes made it a little bit better now but not it's not brilliant it's these glasses i've got them in india they've got no um reflective glare on them for whatever reason and yeah don't fake it till you make it i've mentioned that before am i but um i especially mean it when you're talking on the camera don't um try and hide your voice or your accent or whatever do you have a telephone voice you know some people have telephone voice don't they um that's all right on the telephone when you're talking you know yeah hello good morning you know it's all right on the telephone in business or whatever are you talking to marketers online that's all i get to do people call me on my telephony people that want to sell me something i use my phone send a text i i'm around the corner popping in that's about it um so yeah don't fake your voice talk how you talk it's how you talk in it you know what i mean there's no point in trying to um put on a fake accent or a fake way of talking because the whole point of being on youtube the whole point of this channel exactly is don't fake it till you make it just be who you are be who you are do what you want do things the way you want to do it don't follow the crowd don't be a lone wolf don't follow what everyone else does do your own thing do your own thing that's basically the best advice i could give anyone because i'm telling you i'm doing a video diary of what i'm learning i'm doing a video diary of where i am where i'm going what i want to do today what i did today and that's what i'm doing i'm not professing to be um a fantastic content creator because i'm not on day 22 or something like that into my youtube uh channel so far from it but in two years time then yes i will be and as soon as i start making money from youtube and it stops becoming a hobby and becomes my profession and i definitely am but i'm always going to carry on talking the way i talk i still got i've got a bit of a funny accent because um i come from the black country up in the midlands and i spent a lot of time 20 or 25 years getting onto 30 years living in essex but i've also worked in america worked in belgium holland so i mixed with a lot of people from different countries so has changed my accent slightly and being down here in near london has changed my accent slightly but you still got that black country drawl and people still mention it when i meet meet them when i talk to them every day still oh yeah where are you from you from uh oh from coventry oh i know i thought you were somewhere from that area you know i'm halfway between coventry and birmingham so in the country so not far from where ozzy osbourne was born it's my claim to fame um yes so just talk naturally talk who you are the whole point everything that we're doing on this channel is to be honest not to fake it not to pretend to be something i'm not not to pretend to be because i ain't there yet but you're going to watch my journey from day 0 to day 20 to day 100 when i go live on youtube today 700 when i've been doing it now enough to two years to date 900 today 1 000 million i thought that i'll ever live that long but you know you get the point so yeah don't fake it till you make it don't fake you've always just be natural just be who you are just like any other part of life really so brian probably help him and i'll speak to you later come and watch more videos hey how you doing brian from dearhealthem.

com um what we're going to talk about today energy management yes recording videos record on a high now you know what i mean by that um record at the best time of the day for you now for me it's easy 5 a.

m up through 11 11 a.

m i can record any time between then i can record a few videos go out for a walk come back refresh record some more um i could record 10 15 between that between 5 a.

m and 11 um but it might not be right for you you got to find the best time that's right for you because um i don't know maybe between uh dropping the kids off at school and picking them back up again in the afternoon or maybe it might be after you if you've got a young baby maybe it might be once you put the baby to bed you know but whenever is the best time for you get used to making videos at that particular time now you might have to i've heard of the word batch and make batches of videos at the time when you can make them because depending on your lifestyle and what you're doing whether you're a single parent whether you're a parent where you're you know with normal parent we've got two people looking after it whether you're not a parent um depends on whether you go to work during the day and then come home and work at night i find you know if i have to go out to work then i get up at 5am get some videos done and then go off to work after that so i call it making a video bank i try on the days where i can't be working in the office being creative making my videos i make a bank of videos for that particular day i've got uh 94 i think 94 videos on uploaded on my youtube channel in just about 22 days it's not bad going i want to knock that up massive action like i really want to knock that up um i'm not going to say but i'm going to try and do 10 videos in a day which means on those days when i'm not in the office doing my creative stuff i've got to get a large bank full of videos and that is the re one of the reasons why i want this no script no editing type of video approach because it takes a while to get used to doing it but once it's done it it's going to save loads of time in the future and you're going to be if you're making videos every day you can get up and make three or four videos in the morning before breakfast you know and once you've got a big bank of big storage of uploaded videos on your youtube channel you don't need to make massive action you only need to do that at the beginning massive action at the beginning that's my theory anyway to whether it works or not so yeah get your energy get that time when you've got the best energy now as i said depending on your lifestyle and what you've got to do you may not be able to do it at that time you might have to do other stuff but you'll find a time when you can get working on your making your videos and just make a batch of them and you know you might only find it you've only got 30 minutes to an hour and a day free you know the rest of your time might be up taking up with other stuff keep yourself hydrated drink plenty of water before you make your videos and i'm not talking about um coca-cola or anything like that i'm talking about proper water if you don't like drinking proper water and put some you know citrus uh like some lemon in it try to avoid sugar because sugar is not good for you it doesn't it's not good it doesn't get you bubbly right waiting for the camera so um yes energy management find the time you can make videos and make as many videos as you can in that time you've got an hour you know one hour to spend a week make all your videos in that hour and try to be consistent consistency is key in everything that we do in this business i don't know that for certain but i'm almost feel like that is the most truthful comment i've heard consistency is key to making a youtube channel so i've decided 5am is my best time to upload that even if one i'll make a a video 8 p.

m the night before i won't i'm not gonna put online i'm going to wait till the next day and put it online then so i'm still going to be doing my twice a day when i'm in the office i'm going to do two video logs a day one to say what i'm going to do i want to say what i did do but when i'm not in the office and i'm not working then i'll just do the one video like in the morning this pointless if i'm not going to be working on on making my youtube channel what's the point in doing one in the evening maybe on those days just to upload something else about these lessons i'm doing at the moment on um talking in front of the camera because that is my thing at the moment talking to the camera and um i think that's the first thing you're gonna learn that is the first thing and the most important thing to learn when making a youtube channel how to talk on camera when i first started i started making all these creative videos using stock photos and stock images didn't want to be on the camera i wanted to use voiceovers i'm not sure that's such a good idea i've noticed um youtube make doesn't put the table of contents the it makes it a written uh list what you speak but if you use a voiceover i notice it doesn't it doesn't always work on them so energy management energy flow find your time make a bank a video bank for the times when you do need to upload choose a time to upload and do it consistently and uh that's basically it really so brian from good health and can watch more more videos watch them all hello it's brian again from dear health and what we're going to talk about today is fumbling do you know what i mean by fumbling well when i first started talking on the camera talking to the camera i would make a start on what i was going to say but think about something i was going to talk about and then i'd say hello yes today we're going to talk about um and an odd fumble i go damn turn the camera off start again hi brian from d health and today we're going to talk about stop it brian stop it do you know what i mean how many times have you done that on camera well you have to stop doing it if if you start off you'll come and say hi it's brian from dear health and today we're going to talk about oh today we're going to talk about fumbling and what you should do when you fumble or what you should not do when you oh what's going to say today we're going to talk about fumbling or what you should not do when you fumble you get my point just carry on just if you fumble just carry on if you really really have to you could edit it out afterwards but my advice never ever edit don't edit because once you start editing then you're going to you're going down you you're going to dig yourself a whole dig yourself a big hole so i don't care you got i've got 100 days just getting used to the camera before i even get into any anything serious with my youtube channel first hundred days just learning how to talk to the camera talking to you on the camera talking to you yes all of you so that's where i am and that's where i'm going and that's why i'm saying don't fumble don't you might say well what's wrong with stopping the camera and started it you're not going to get into a flow you need to get into a flow when you're talking when you go to see your friends and you say hi hello how are you today uh you don't do that do you he just say oh how you doing and then you just start talking about what you got to talk about it's the same when we talk to the camera the camera i want to be our very best friend i want it to be if it i want it to be your parent your son your daughter your your uncle your best mate i want it to be who you like to say and who you enjoy talking to you so there's no need to fumble if you do fumble don't worry about it just carry on because um we've all fumbled occasionally if you like we fumble mostly when we're talking about something we're not really comfortable talking about like for example this is why i say don't fake it till you make it right only talk about what you feel comfortable talking about because when i first started doing this what i was doing was looking for keywords finding out what questions people are asking on google and then trying to make a video for that and that's what everyone is saying do but i'd say don't do that don't do it because what you need to do is first of all get comfortable talking to the camera and you can only do that about things you know so at the moment i'm doing some lessons on talking to the camera because that is my my thing that's what i want to do and so when i learn something new i come on here and i tell you what i've just learned hey look guess what i learned today guess what we're gonna i'm gonna share with you today and i'll tell you what i learned that's what all these lessons are about not about me pretending to be like some sort of expert i'm just telling you what i've learned and how i can implement what i've learned into what i'm doing and that's what i'm doing now implementing what i'm learning to making this particular video so stop starting and stopping your camera once you start that's it go you're going you're flowing and just keep flowing you do fumble don't worry about it just carry on but the the main thing that's going to stop you fumbling is by getting used to not staring and stuffing the camera and talking always about things that make you comfortable talking don't talk about things you're not comfortable talking about things you're not sure about they don't need to you don't need to come across as some sort of professional at the moment if you're not a professional then you don't have to be one just be who you are be yourself be yourself talk to people about yourself because that's what content is isn't it content is talking about ourselves or other people this content is about making a story it's about the story and we're good storytellers we have had an evolution mostly everything about the everything about us it's about language isn't it we are little language machines and we tell stories we love to tell stories and that's what we're doing on camera telling stories about certain things um this is what i'm going to tell you a story about today this is what i'm going to tell you a story about tomorrow it's all about stories what we know and what we like to give out to tell other people and share so that's it don't fumble if you do fumble just carry on just don't keep starting and stopping the camera just carry on just carry on anyway that's me brian from dear health and uh for watching all my videos come and watch them all spend the whole day doing it well i'll speak to you later see you next time hello yes it's brian from dear health and how are you today good i hope um my next lesson that i want to do what i've been told and what i've learned and i want to implement into my videos right now is when you're going about your normal daily business and you get an idea for a video right and you write it down uh write down what your idea is and you think ah i'll come back to that later and then come back to it later in you know what did i write oh what was that idea it was a brilliant idea remember it was fantastic ah your connection to it's gone you had a fantastic idea great idea for a video and now it's oh you didn't like you wrote notes down and you can't read your notes properly and it's not good now because you forgot when all the connections here it's got all that energy all that brilliant idea just gone so i know i mentioned earlier about finding a great time to make a video and stick to that but there's also that aha moment when you think i can make a video about that and no matter where you are whether you're in a shop whether you're in a park whether you're in a restaurant whether you're talking to your boss whether you're talking to a friend you have to suddenly get pick up your phone pick up your phone put record on and then you just sorry just a quickie here i just got to say this make this quick video because this had this brilliant idea and then you just tell the idea while you're live on camera doing it because we all carry our phones around there's no excuse not to really it's just a case of oh i feel a bit awkward oh i can't really do it here you know you know i'm in the public toilet or in you know walking down the street but no get your phone out you have a brilliant idea get it on camera as quickly as possible and that way people are going to see some of your absolutely stunningly brilliant ideas as and when you get it and that's at the best connection time possible that's when you're going to come out that's where you might get your number one hit you go because youtube is full of full of videos right but some of us get a number one hit every now and again there's other people who get number one hits all the time you know like the beatles elvis presley michael jackson you know they have they have a load of number one hits just one after the other boom boom boom boom for some of us you might only get one number one hit every now and again but if you don't record it when you pick up that camera and start recording yourself and telling people your blinding idea your your brilliant thing that you come out with in your head you have to do it there and then just do it don't care where you are or are you talking to whether you're well if you're driving you best have your phone on um hands-free do you know what i mean or just pull over quickly and then find somewhere safe to pull over and just make the video quick but whatever you do don't think oh i'm not gonna know that and come back to it because you work that idea will be gone and your way of portraying that idea will be gone so you have to do it there and then right now it's the only time to do it because if you don't do it now it won't get done the idea won't be the same you'll come back to it but you'll be coming back to a memory of it not the actual real idea that you had so whatever you're doing stop stop doing it make that quick video it could be that could be the thing that makes you really successful and you could just waste it it could be just wasted just gone never seen again because you didn't make the video there and then that's what you have to do that is part of your youtube business when you come on you have to just get that camera and record yourself telling that story the minute it comes into your head and that is gonna be i think the people it's like a photographer people the photographers who carry their cameras around with them wherever they go all the sudden they see something they have to photograph it and that is the golden golden goose for them they get that photograph and then they they can sell it do whatever they want but they've got to do it there and then they can't come back to it it won't be there won't exist anymore that idea won't exist two hours down the road you can't think i'll come back to that in two hours because you won't do it now do it right now and don't mess it back okay brian from get healthy can watch more of my videos they're good videos see you later hello it's brian again from dear health and lesson today perfectionism don't allow it to stop you from making awesome videos and i mean that it doesn't have to be perfect your video does not have to be perfect no when life isn't perfect life is rough like we go through life and we have to go through a process before we become refined you know it's like a good wine it becomes refined with age um yeah so perfectionism it's a bad thing it perfectionism creates procrastination you get you'll make a video and then you'll edit it and then you look at it and think that's not right i need some do that scene again but but put better lighting in there and it's oh a lot like his glasses you can see a reflection in his glasses stop stop perfectionism be imperfect people like imperfection people like people that are imperfect people you know some people go around playing the fall all the time because they get unwell with better people they're really clever but pay full and then they um get on better with people around them but if you're too clever and you're too perfect people i feel a bit you know oh i don't don't want to go to it i don't want to go to that lady's house i worry about whether i'm using the right spoon or whatever yeah i'm worried about i might make a mess on the table don't let perfectionism spoil your life and don't let perfectionism spoil your videos you can make some awesome videos so that have to be perfect 80 to 90 percent perfect well good and you'll get more videos out and you won't worry about it infection causes all kinds of mental health problems doesn't it you know um having a parent that makes you be perfect all the time and you know doesn't give you unconditional luck because oh i'm not giving you any love today because you've not been perfect you've not been good hey right is it just imperfectionist it's the way to live imperfection is the way to do things so you know if you're making a youtube channel you don't want to be perfect you don't want to go through start editing your videos i don't edit my videos and i have started from day one with that attitude i don't i don't turn the camera off when i fumble i just carry on i'm i'm not going to get into that role of being perfect i'm not going to be perfect if that's what you want me to be then you're on the wrong channel because from me you're just going to get honesty that's what you're going to get honesty is not perfect honesty makes mistakes honestly has little pitfalls you know little little ups and downs sometimes good sometimes bad sometimes good sometimes bad sometimes awesome yeah and awesome videos can just come out the blue just at the blue you never know which one is going to be awesome and which one's not you've got no hey you can make things if you're creative person and you make something and you put it and you just say you had a shop and you put it onto the counter you might think no one's gonna buy that and then everyone might be fighting for it because they love it you don't know what other people want you don't know really what other people need you can only the best advice you can give is to yourself to how you are and how you feel because you know yourself better than anyone else you give like i've got a couple of friends and i gave them a book i wrote this book on psychology and i thought oh this is brilliant i'll give it to them but they can read it but they didn't read it because it yeah it wasn't it could have helped them but it wasn't them they didn't they didn't want to do that they wanted to do something else so you don't know what other people want just be yourself be rough and imperfect don't matter if you're rough and imperfect it's not a problem being perfect is a problem i mean you know oh that was that inspector who was that tv uh character where you know he had ocd and he had to be perfect everything had to be perfect but he couldn't make friends with people he couldn't live his life normally because he just noticed everything and everything had to be perfect for him you know clever bloke but stumbled through life people avoided him because they didn't they didn't want to be near him because he was too perfect and um that's what perfection does don't be perfect 89 more than good enough don't go for that 100 and just do what you want to do when you want to do it get an idea video it just you'll get more refined as you as you as you get on i'll get more refined as i go on you know i'll get better as i make more videos that is the way of the world that is why youtube has its process and i don't think you can make a shortcut through that process i think it's going to take two years i could be wrong but it could take 700 days to um get up there because everyone you see them they should all show you their little chart where they do like this and all of a sudden it goes like that it's the process that goes like that when they become refined and you don't become refined in a day it's going to take time and you're going to get there we all get there but you're only going to get there faster you'll get there faster if you're not perfect don't strive for perfection perfection don't strive for perfection and uh have fun enjoy it it is fun so speak to you later have fun watch more my videos hi how are you doing um i hope you enjoyed watching my video and i hope you learn what i learned when i was doing it all um it's given me so much freedom throwing away the script and just being able to talk on camera is for me such a brilliant thing i love it um i can now make as many videos as i want whenever i want and i don't have to worry about doing research writing scripts putting um together little written notes or whatever you know i just make a few tiny little notes stick it under my camera and go from there in fact i haven't even done that today that's all i wanted to do was say thanks for watching and to say it's really what i've learned in those videos has really helped me and i really hope it helps you so um thanks for watching come back and um watch some more stuff i'm gonna i don't know what i'm gonna do next i'm gonna write about um content marketing in general but not the same way as everyone else does it hopefully come up with my own thing so enjoy write a comment if you actually really appreciated what what i've written and let me know if it worked for you because i really hope it does thanks bye.

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