Live Rescue: Trapped in a Car (Part 2) (Season 3) | A&E

Can we lift this up? Lift up your knee.

Try to push your seat back.

You’re good, Marty.

OK, OK, no.

Let’s go on three.

Let go of yourhand right here.

Let go.

– On three.


Thank you.

One, two, three.

I got the board.

I got the board.

– Ah!- I got the board.

He’s on the board.

He’s on.

He’s on the board.


OK, get somebody behind us tobring the Stokes basket right behind us.

We’re going to drop himin the Stokes basket and get his neck stabilized.

All right.

I’m going to need somebody overhere to help me hold this up.

I got it.

Let me swing over there.

– He’s rolling.

– [GROANS] You got it? I got it.

Hold on.

Hold on.

I’ll get you.

All right.

Watch hit foot.

Watch his foot.

Make sure it don’t hit the door.

We good?We good? [GROANS] Perfect.

You’re out, sir, all right? OK.


Piccoli, step outfrom in between, and let’s get this collar on.

OK, what do we gotgoing on with him? This door.

Yeah, let’s getrid of this door.

Do you have that spreader? He thinks thathe’s not pinned, so we’re trying to see ifhe’s able to move his leg out.

FIREMAN 1: Do you want meto get this out of the way? Watch yourself.


OK, I got you.

We have another guy coming out, so get another Stokes basket ready.

We got anotherpatient coming out.

We need anotherStokes basket ready.

We’re not sure, sir.

We’ll figure it out after.

Just help us out with this.

Stay calm.

You’ll be out soon.

I’m supportinghis back right now.


OK, he’s coming out.

Push with your legs.

OK, Hahn, stay right here.

We don’t have anotherbackboard yet.

All right.

Just stay right here, OK? AARON: I’m good.

So where you havepain right now? Hey.

Forget that.

We got him out.

AARON: A little pain in the hip.

In the hip? AARON: Yeah, anda little under– The right armpit there? AARON: Yeah.

– OK, what’s your name? AARON: Aaron.

Aaron, my name is Mike.

AARON: Mike.

What’s up, Mike? OK, just stay right here.

We’re going to get anotherstretcher for you here so we can carry you out.

AARON: Who hit me? We don’t know what hit you.

Right now we just know that youended up in a ditch right here, so we’re working on gettingyou out, getting you to the ambulance, and makingsure that you’re not injured any more than the pain onyour armpit and your left hip.

AARON: I’m good.


AARON: Honda makesa great vehicle.

They definitelymake a great vehicle.

AARON: Yo, thank you, first responders.

Yep, no problem.

Our pleasure.

That’s what we’re here for.


AARON: Yo, I was– I had my seat belt on, right? Yeah.

AARON: Yeah, I did.

Yeah, we just had totalk you to getting it off.

AARON: I alwayswear my seat belt.

Good job.

Yeah, that saved both ofyour guys’ life.


AARON: Yeah.

– It really– AARON: [BLEEP] hit me.

I was driving— Don’t know.

AARON: –straight.

I was driving straight.

Somebody T-boned me, orsomebody– something.

FIREMAN 1: Hey, Mike.

You need a water? AARON: Guys, whothe [BLEEP] hit me? FIREMAN 2: We’llfind that out, sir.

Don’t worry about it.

FIREMAN 3: We got toget you out first.

FIREMAN 1: I got– no, for you.

If you need one, I got one.



No, just stay right here.

Stay right here.

We’re bringing anotherstretcher for you.

AARON: It feels like Idid a real big exercise.

Yeah, no, you’re goingto have a lot of pain.

Just stay righthere with me, OK? AARON: All right.

Waiting for it.

AARON: I just feela little strained.

No, doesn’t look like it.

AARON: I was probably exercisingand all that good stuff.

PARAMEDIC: All right.

What hurts you the most? AARON: Right now, just the hip.

– What hip?- Left.

AARON: Left hip.


Left hip and underthe right armpit.

OK, are yourlegs trapped there? AARON: No.

– No.

AARON: I just feela little strained.


Just stay right here.

AARON: Thank God for Honda.

You have any medicalproblems at all? AARON: No.

– The backboard’s here.


AARON: Who the [BLEEP] hit me? Don’t worry about that.

We’re taking careof you right now.

We’ll figure that out assoon as we get you out and take care of you.

OK, we’re going to put–AARON: Thank God for Honda.

We’re going to put abackboard under you here.

Just keep your headstraight back with me.

I’m going to support it.

AARON: Yeah, I’m good.

I’m good.

OK, so I’m goingto support your head.

AARON: I’m good.

I’m good.

I’m good.

Who hit me? We’ll figure that out, allright, when we get you out.

That’s the priority.

It’s getting you out OK.

I was driving straight.

You’re doing great.

I was driving straight.

I’m going to put a neckbrace on you right now.

All right.

Just precautionary measures.

We got a no neck right here.

Yeah, no neck.

No, we could do better.

Come on, baby.


– OK.

Yeah, baby.

– You’re doing great, bud.

– Yeah.

– What’s your name?- Aaron.


Aaron, yep.

Renario Aaron [BLEEP]born [BLEEP] 1981.

That’s awesome.

Oh, that was a good year.

OK, Aaron.

Here we go.

We’re going to work onpulling you out here now, OK? All right.

We’re going to need somebodyto, yeah, make sure that this– – The car keys are on— –stays in.

– –just so you guys are aware.

– Yeah, yeah, yeah.

– Keep the backboard in.

– Are you ready? Yo, who the [BLEEP] hit me? Ready? OK, on three.

One, two, three.


You’re good, bud.

You’re good.


OK, we’re going togo a little bit more.

Are you ready? One, two, three.


Yeah, make sure we’re shot.

OK, hold on.

We have a Stokes basket.

– All right.

Hold on one second.

Lift it up.

– [BLEEP]- It’s OK.

We got you.

We’re not going to drop you.

You’re good.

Can you get on theother side there? We can swing him.

Could you get the head upwhen you get a footing again? Who the [BLEEP] hit me? OK.

We’re going tofigure that out.

Slide him down.

– Ah.

– You’re good.


Put your arm down, bro.

Cross your arms.

Cross your arms right here.

Cross your arms.

– Cross your arms.

– Hold still, all right? – I got you.

– OK.

I got you.

I got this side here.


Now we’re just going to strapyou up to secure you, sir, OK? OK.

Who the [BLEEP] hit me? Where’s the clip? Yellow to yellow.

– My seat belt.


You got red up there? No, I got an orange.

That is [BLEEP].

I think that greengoes underneath.


Yeah, but this one– Oh, this one.

This one.


I got green over here.


FIREMAN 4: I got green.

Ready for it whenever.

We got blue.

Is that blue over there? MIKE: This is doingthe same thing.

We got one to comeup this way at least.

– Grab another green on.

– Do this one.


That will work.

And go this way.


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