Manual Cars That STILL Exist In 2020!

– Let’s face it and just getit out of the way right away.

There’s something abouta manual transmission that just feels better.

And before the argumentsstart in the comments section that, “Auto is better!” ” No manual’s better!” “Well automatic is faster.

” “Well manual is for real enthusiasts.

” And then you just finallycome to the agreement that the new Supra just should have came in a manual transmission and maybe, just maybe 2020 wouldn’thave turned out so bad.

But that’s a whole other video.

No, we are here today tospecifically talk about some of your options formanual cars as of 2020 that can still make agreat first car to you.

But you can still go to the dealership and get in a manual transmission.

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Anyway, (claps) even thoughit seems like manuals are dying out more and more every year, there still is a decentselection of new manual cars on the market that youcan get your hands on.

Ranging from your simple economy cars, all the way up to somehigh end super cars.

However, the cars we are going to go over are some of the carsthat maybe you’re looking to get into your first new car.

So you wanna throw some mods at that isn’t going to be anythinglike too crazy or expensive.

And two, you can still getin a manual transmission.

The first of the list doesboth of these very well and has been doing it for a long time.

And that’s none otherthan the Volkswagen GTI.

The Volkswagen Golf wasfirst introduced in 1974, and it was meant to be the replacement for the Volkswagen Beetle that was capable of traveling longer distances.

The car that was first known to the world as a Golf would later see some variants that introduced the GTI afew years later in 1976.

Fast forward to today, we cannow see the eighth generation of the little turbocharged, Euro hatch available across the seas andavailable in a ton of options ranging from four doorsto two doors, to gasoline, to diesel and all sorts of goodstuff, manual or automatic.

The GTI has become a favoriteof the Euro tuner car options I guess you could say withthe eighth generation, which for some reasonsis not yet available in the United States! Seeing 241 horsepower, the GTI offers a ton for those looking for afunctional, fun daily, and then just, you know, those were looking just to slam it on its nuts.

However, the Mark 7s arestill pretty dang cool.

And you can get a new or very low mileage one owner Mark 7 for a good price.

The GTI does everything pretty well.

Their interiors are good.

They are just very mom friendly.

Just be prepared for all the check engine lights.

Car number two hits a little close to home as an entry level rear wheel drive coupe that was developed from a partnership between two Japanese auto manufacturers.

The car that seemed tokickstart the new wave of automotive enthusiasts.

Yeah, we’re talking about the 86 and the BRZ.

The Subaru powered Toyota 86 and the BRZ were first introduced as theScion FRS way back in 2013.

And it was marketed as anentry level sports coupe that was a direct competitor with cars such as the Mazda MX-5 Miata and the BK1 Genesis coupe.

As the years went on and the Toyota eventually killed off Scion, the car still lives on to the day as a Toyota86 and the Subaru BRZ, at least until the end of 2020.

I don’t know, there’s some rumors flying around about like 2022 andlike a turbocharged version, which, I mean, they should’vejust done from the get go.

But, you know, we’ll see.

Either way we are left withtwo options as of right now.

And you know what, they’re great cars, man.

You will always hear people say that, yes, they’re not the fastest cars out there.

And they aren’t by any means.

They make almost 200horsepower on a good day when it’s not like 90% humidity out.

But the FRS BRZ, whateveryou want to refer to it as open up a lot to the car scene.

It ignited the spark ofgetting into modifying cars and getting into cars in general, much like the HondaCivics did for a lot of us back in the day.

Still available in a sixspeed manual transmission the 86 and BRZ are greatcars for those looking to get into a goodlooking, fun to drive car for not too much money.

With an absolute (beep)load of aftermarket support.

Honestly, if you’ve ever thoughtabout getting into an 86, I would just recommendgoing and test driving one.

And if it’s not your thing, then so be it.

But like I said theyare a fantastic platform to start out with asthey’re easy to work on, parts are cheap and thecommunity is absolutely amazing.

Moving along since, youknow, I mentioned it when I was talking aboutthe 86 Toyobaru thing, I might as well talkabout it a little more, the Honda Civic.

Now the Honda Civic, while it’s a Honda Civic, they’ve been doing pretty much the same thing forever with these cars and that’s providing a ridiculously, reliable front wheel drive coupe or sedan that you can pick up brandnew for a good price.

The new Honda Civics come ina ton of different variations ranging from their standard LX, EX, EXL, and touring packages.

However, they’ve introducedtheir sport trim, which allows you to getinto a naturally aspirated two liter, four cylinder, six speed manual brand new right off thelot, right around $23, 000.

Or you can take it a step further and check out the Civic SI which spots a 1.

5 liter turbocharged engine paired with a six speed manual for a few thousand morestarting right around 25, 000.

This Civic has been aroundfor a long, long time, and it’s grown a massivefollowing of enthusiasts.

Again, the aftermarketsupport for the Civics is out of this world.

And honestly, I think they’veaged pretty damn well.

I think they look really good.

Plus even though it’sdefinitely not considered an entry level car by any means, but if you, for some reason have the money to go afford one as your firstnew car, the new Type-R’s are pretty amazing.

And just a great tributeto Honda’s heritage, just like I said, a little more pricey.

You’re looking at gettinginto a front wheel drive turbo hatch that isn’tEuropean, you actually, well, you actually have quite a few options.

But there is one that cameinto the world in 2011 that didn’t make any wavesin the automotive industry, but it was just kind of there.

And as of recently, we’veseen it grow in popularity more and more with some different variants we have seen coming out.

And that is the Hyundai Veloster.

Now I’m gonna be honest here, the Veloster is kind of an odd ball car.

It’s a KTM hatchback thatfeatures a center exit exhaust.

It’s available with the turbo.

It has that weird like half door thing on the passenger side, but you know what? It grew on people.

The car has seen a much needed facelift throughout the years.

And with the introductionof the Veloster-N, which now features up to 275 horsepower, we’ve started to see thembecome more and more popular.

With the new Veloster turbosupporting 201 horsepower, the 1.

6 liter four cylinder engine and have six speed manualtransmission in the R-Spec version and coming in brand newright around $24, 000.

We can see why they’ve been in the sights of someone looking for a new car with a kind of a bit ofa sport look and feel.

Aftermarket support, eh, it’s okay.

Kenny M doesn’t have a ton, not like the JDM Newry scene.

And then last but not least on the list is one that, you know, Iwouldn’t say it’s an odd ball, but it’s a car that kinda came into the, a lot of the sites recently.

And that is the new Toyota Corolla hatch.

Now this is an economycar which can be picked up for relatively cheap.

And you wondering why is this on the list? And it’s like, well, theylook pretty dang good.

I’m not gonna lie.

They look good.

They look good on some suspension.

They look good on some aftermarket wheels and they’re available ina manual transmission.

You can make them looksgood with some like a wing, some diffuser parts, you canget an actual exhaust on there, instead of the fake littleexhaust cutout things.

But we’ve seen them becomemore and more popular very, very quickly.

We even had one of ourvideographers here, Max, pick one up and he absolutely loves it.

Overall it is a great economy car that can be picked up for relatively cheap in a manual transmission.

So you’re gonna get alot of good fuel mileage and all that kind of stuff out of it.

So it’s a fantastic dailydriver that’s gonna look good.

That’s gonna, you know, feel good when you drive it because it’s manual.

And honestly I expect moreand more aftermarket support to be coming up forthem in the near future.

But with them being such a new platform, there just isn’t a wholelot to them right now.

But, we’ve heard rumors of theGR version coming to America.

It’s gonna be featuringlike an all wheel drive turbocharged platform, it’s gonna be like the new hot hatch of the decade and it’s gonna be awesome.

So, we’re gonna keep oureyes on the Corolla hatch, and we’re gonna keep seeing people doing some pretty cool stuff to them.

But, I think it deservesa spot on the list as one of the newer hatches that comes in a manual transmissionthat you can go pick up for relatively cheap.

So, there you have it.

There’s our list of some of the 2020 cars that you can go get right now, brand new with a manual transmission’cause you really want a manual transmission.

You wanna just stick it to the automatic.

So you see that’s a good pun there.

All right, that’s good.

Wrap it up for today.

Let us know your favorite cardown in the comments below or one that you thinkshould have made the cut.

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