NEW Sony A7C – Lightest and Most Affordable Full Frame Camera with IS! HELLO!

So, guys, I took you to the desert to show you A7C -a compact version of a full frame lineup of Sony cameras and this is awesome, because in my personal taste this was always thebest idea to give you as much as possible in a smallest formfactor and lightest body possible and this isin the first place why I back in a year switch from Canon5D mark III to mirrorless Sony system, because Iwanted to save kilograms.

I was traveling around the world withall the lenses and it was really heavy and this is it.

This is the right direction that Sony took.

So what are the most important features? I just want to share with you right now, because I spent some quality time with this camera.

One ofthe features is one of those features known alreadyfrom A7S III, which is a record button on the top here.

You also have a fully articulating screen, which is so awesomefor vlogging.

By the way, later I will show you howis it to vlog with this camera and from my test already it is awesome.

The other thing maybe worth mentioning is just one SD slot.

We have to remember that there are somethings they had to sacrifice, because of the form factor.

The most important thing is when you take off the lens, you have thishuge full-frame sensor here.


Look at that and at the first glance itlooks like a APS-C, a crop sensor, but no.

It's afull-frame camera.

The other thing that I really likethey introduced is this digital audio interface.

Well, this interface was already introduced in a7R IV, so you don't need an analog signal torecord sound anymore.

This sound is recordeddirectly digitally to your recording, which isawesome.

Of course you need a specific microphone from Sony and I think thatin one of the videos I will definitely want to cover that.

If you don't want to use this microphone, you of coursehave a jack here, a microphone jack.

What I like a lot is that HDMI, phones and USB-C port are placed horizontally here, so when you are recording and you want to see yourselfand using for example external power bank, which is possible, so you can record forever actually, it doesn't obscure your vision here.

This is awesome.

I don't know if this is something that happened by accidentor it was designed, but anyways if you are recording 16 x , 9it won't obscure your vision.


Thank you, Sony.

Oh, somebody'sflying drone over here, over the desert.

It does use a Z battery, so-called Z battery, NP-FZ100, which is a very capable batteryand later on in the conclusions, I will tell you how many picturesand how long can it record on that battery.

The other thing is that it has a classic Sony menu.

Let me just present you withmenu.

There you go.

So this is a classichorizontal menu like you know from other oldercameras and one of the things that to me is oneof the key features here that this camera does have a color scienceof a7R IV, which is awesome, because it's asignificantly improved color science, that is responsible for betterskin tones.

Just right now you can see on thescreen a portrait with improved and enhanced skin tones, both in recording, in a video mode andin photo mode.

So those are some awesome things.

The other things that I tested and you can see right nowis the image stabilization.

It does have a 5 EVimage stabilization, which is awesome for this small form factor.


It doesn't replace the gimbal for sure, but you can get some stable shots.

This one is shot in some extremesituations.

I'm going down the mountain with my friend Christophand look at that.

It's not maybe stable, butit is definitely stabilized, so you can kind of use it.

Image stabilization seems to me at leastgood enough for vlogging and you can take a look at it right now.

I will be walking with this camera and talking to you about itand it is stable and it keeps the focus in the right place.

Take a look at that.

To vlog with this camera I'm using this flip out screen, with eye focus priority and it does some tracking here.

I'm having an image stabilizationon and I'm walking to show you if the image is stable or not.

I will see the result later.

I don't know myself, but it seems to be doingpretty good job and I'm not using any external microphone, only the built-in one that this camera is equipped with.

On the right side I have the flip-out screen that I can see my face, if I'mstill framing myself or not and this is pretty much it.

I hope itdoes the job.

it seems to be a very good vlogging tool, specifically, if you add this Sony super directional, digital audio interface microphone to it.

This should be an ultimate, at least for now, vlogging tool.

So as you could see it's onlyJoby tripod, whatever tripod you want to use, without gimbaland it's good enough for vlogging and the audio usedin this recording is straight from the camera, no external microphone was used.

So again nice job Sony, good job.

One of thethings you want to take a look at is dynamic range.

This cameraboasts with as far as I remember.



Is it 14 stops? I think 14 stops.

I will check it later in the specs, but I think 14stops and take a look at this file.

It is really good.

It is a small body and you get a professional-looking images.

I cannot expect anything more, 24 megapixels.

It's awesome.

For me as a stockvideographer, stock photographer this is totally enough and everythingonce again in such a small and nice-looking body.

It does have atouchscreen to manipulate with autofocus.

However, it's not a fully operational touch screen, so you cannottouch on the menu here.

It will donothing.

However, the autofocus system is improved hereand you have five degrees or five settings ofautofocus response time, from this very fast to very slowcinematic response time and you can use it with your finger, which is awesome and you can see the video right now.

Soon I will show you the low lightperformance of this camera.

Okay, ergonomically this camera isor generally Sony lineup is improving and improving.

I already mentionedthis big record button that is great for vloggersand you don't have to search for it.

You can see it clearly, it's a red record button.

The other thing that is awesome, what I noticed is different from other Sony cameras, thatwhen you press this medium button, because .



very important, it doesn't have a joystick.

I love joysticks, but the solution here is pretty nice.

So you press the middle button here, the central one and then you use this dial buttonas joystick and it will stay like that until you press the middle button again, so it doesn't come back to thisnon-adjustable mode until you ask it to do it.

So this isawesome, you see and it's back then you click againand you can use autofocus system again.

This is awesome and thisis something different than I know from crop sensor cameras.

The other change here is that there's only one dial buttonhere to change either f-stop or to change time .



you can see there'sno front one.

I meanI do regret there's no two dial buttons here, however, this camera is so well designed that it's okay to operateeverything from this and that guy here.

So it pretty much does the job.

Despite the size there's still a viewfinder here.

It's of course far from a7S III.

It's not awesome, it's notgreat, but it is here and it is really enough to frameit right and to work for example in very, very bright conditions.

You can always use it like thatand I'm looking at you right now here and I see it pretty nicely.

It's not a super high resolution, huge picture in this viewfinder, but it is definitely usable.

It doessupport S-LOG 3, it does support HDR mode, it's HLG, I think this is what they call it in Sony, so it's extended dynamic range and the standard profile from the camerais also very good and you can definitely see that the color science here isimproved.

I had a chance to take a look at some of the recordings already and Ienjoy them.

They are really nice.

Some conclusions, some firstthoughts.

Do I enjoy this camera? Oh yes, I do.

I initially thought that this camera would be apoor man's full frame camera.

The price tag is not that lowthough, so you have to adjust your thinking, becausethere were some rumors that it was supposed to be a cheap full-frame camera with very little specs or under spec even, I could say, but it doeshave 4K in 8 bit in 60 frames per second.

It does support 120 frames per second slow motion in full HD that you can seeright now.

Some nice samples here and what I cansay it could be actually a replacementof a7 III, but definitelythe target for this camera, for future owners of this camera is people that want to have a very good qualityout of a small body.

According to my knowledge and some reliable sourcesthis camera at least for now, for the day of recording is themost lightweight full-frame image stabilized cameraon the market.

The only other camera that is aslight and even smaller than this one is Sigma fp.

However, Sigma is not equipped with 5 axisimage stabilization, so this factor adds even more value to thiscamera and to this kind of purchase.

And as we are talking about purchase Ididn't tell you about the price.

I think this is something around twothousand dollars, which is not that great as I thought itwould be honestly, however, there were some rumors that this camera is supposed to bea poor man's full-frame camera, which is not exactly true.

It's just a small camera, but it does have some advantages over a7mark III and they used 8-bit recordingto save this camera from overheating.

There's norecording limit, so both in 4K and full HD you can record theoretically forever with use of power bank, that you can plug in or maybe even just a normal charger that you canplug in and you can record hours and hours.

That makes this camera really, really good.

I was looking for a second camera to mycamera bag, for example, when I shoot weddings and I wantto have one camera set for the video, one camera set for the photo, I shoot mostly with my wife and I'm a video guy in this case, I think that this will be my to-go cameraas a gimbal camera.

I do think that Sony made avery good decision to introduce the specific 7Ccompact model, because there's a huge demand among travelers or videographersfor a light, but very capable camera and this sony a7C definitelychecks all the boxes.

I hope you guys enjoyed it, i hope you guyswill have some questions in comments.

We did some awesome tests of this camera.

We have some conclusions hereand please don't forget to leave comments.

If you liked it, leave thumbs up, smash this subscribe buttonand of course I see you guys in the next episode.


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