OSEE T5 Camera DSLR 4K HDMI Field Monitor Kit with JOYSTICK Urdu Hindi

Asalam U Alaikum FriendsMy Name is Syed Maaz Gilani you are watching maaz electronics today’s video sponsored by OSEE tech company Chinese company who makes on camera monitors today OSEE tech send me gift of 5.

5 inch T5 monitor it is 5.

5 inch 4k ultra high definition monitor very fantastic monitor today i’ll do unboxing & Review hope you like this video if you like this video please hit like video and subscribe channel product link is in video description if you want to visit or buy Let’s start unboxing this monitor send us by OSEE company Chinese company who manufacture monitors links are in video description it is 5.

5 inch and 4k resolution it can support maximum 4k resolution any camera SLR or DSLR 1080p or 4KSuitable for all here you can see first look monitor is look like same you can attach with camera like this on back side OSEE tech branding this is today’s product which i have to do unbox first of all thanks to OSEE Techwho send this to me for review now i open it to check i’ill make 2 parts video.

in 1 video i’ll do review unboxing next part outdoor test how it will perform this is called 4k hdmi on camera monitor first of all for unboxing open box here is company seal open this seal let’s see what accessories are given by company we open box first of all here is our monitor after that let’s check about accessories first of all in accessory here is user manual after read this you can learn how to operateit comes in two languages English and Chinese you can say it ultra guide here it comes sun hood for monitor if you are using in outdoor sometimes you can see monitor because of light rays of sun for that purpose company gave this sun hood here it comes monitor tilt arm with this you can use on your camera or gimbal here you can attach any thing separate microphone , HDMI transmitter or any thing that can use on hot shoe mount i’ll show you how to attach this tilt arm from company here is three type of cables HDMI to HDMI HDMI to mini HDMI HDMI to micro HDMI after this box is empty let’s put this aside now check the monitor you can quality is very good looks also very fine here you can se company brandingOSEE 4K is written it is 4k monitor best thing is this you can use this outdoor technology used in this 450 nits for brightness with this brightness technology you can see result on monitor panel in day light easily here you can put memory card on this monitor you can upload luts in it using memory card it can support custom luts during shooting you can how’s your video in luts here is screw for hot show mount here is screw for tilt arm here is micro USB input to turn on this monitor on 5v current it can bear from 5v to 17v here is multi switch from you can operate multiple functions very fantastic multi switch yo can do settings wit this button here is headphone jack so you can monitor the audio to ensure about video and audio here is jack for remote here is two jack one is HDMI in and second Battery out HDMI in is using while you want to attach this monitor with camera if you want to give power to your camera from monitor so battery out jack used for that purpose dummy batteries available for different cameras so dummy battery put in camera and output jack put here this jack is for to turn on two thing with it very good option you can put here two type of batteries one battery is sony-npf series other battery canon lp-e6 series now tear up the paper from LCD and check it after this check the panel quality awesome and impressive very good looking monitor if you want to buy i’ll give link in video description now power on this monitor and check it to check this i am using sony npf series battery which is npf-970 on back side you can see on/off switch now I’ll how you how to attach this monitor on tilt arm as you can see screw here for tilt arm attach with this screw i’ll attach screw here as you can see how it look like with tilt arm you can rotate in 360 degree you can rotate as per your camera movements you can attach like this after that attach HDMI cable i have to attach with my sony camera for that i am using cable HDMI to mini HDMI you can check cable quality is very good very good 1 foot cable now attach with the monitor now i attach here then attach on camera to check the result i am attaching monitor with my camera using tilt arm on hot show mount i attach HDMI mini cable in my camera i have attach monitor and going to power on first of all OSEE tech logo came now monitor is power on i am waving my hand you can see monitor works fine as you can see here my sony A7III LCD this is OSEE Tech monitor result very awesome OSEE Tech did such a good job very impressive result use anywhere any type you’ll amaze while using it with press of this joystick button you can change settings as i do when you keep pressing then some options come aspect ratio safe center Expose False Color in this you can check colors where is the problem in color as you can see here is different color setting here you can get zebra setting you can put different zebra settings you can put any your custom setting here is histogram wavform you can select different type of waveform here you can find focus assistant you can do setting of focus with focus assistant you can see where is your focus you can choose any color you want now focus is the vase you can change focus as per color now focus is from back side where is camera doing focus we can see on monitor here is focus assistant so where are you going to focus after that here is peaking option you can adjust peaking setting you can put setting as you want if you want you can put lock on monitor in audio meter you can see audio meter hello with audio meter option you can see audio meter at bottom audio that capture by mic also show on monitor you can use this setting if you want here is option image resizer you can do setting you can put video anywhere you want i like this option very much you can check the zoom option if you want to use as you can see i can do focus while using zoom if i am unable to do focus if i want to do focus the subject in front of me to do focus i press the key upward so then monitor zoom it and then i can focus from my camera easily this is very good option if you press key downward you can find brightness option that you want to value as you like when you press left side of key then various monitor setting came you can see volume brightness display rotation which display rotation setting you want here is anamorphic option DSLR scale option Status display you can see status of battery HDMIvideo format 1080 or other all thing you can see here this is also good option you can design any setting you want for your monitor here is calibration lut.

you can make calibration of luts you can select language English or Chinese here is monitor information like serial number here is firmware update you can upgrade from memory card here is load lut file you can load lut and here is factory reset now we load a lut on mointor now let’s load lut on monitor via memory card i have luts in memory card i am attaching with this monitor here is the lut option select execute load lut file as you can see here select memory card i have copy some luts here you can use any lut from here i have applied lut now you can see too much difference in color this monitor showing result with lut and this is simple result as you can see color difference this is without lut this is with lut to go in the option you can select turn on off the luts if i turn off lut then this is the result when turn on the lut then this result came so many luts here that you can use while shooting with camera i hope you like today’s video i did very much hard work to make this video you have to like this video and subscribe channel go and visit OSEE Tech Website where you can find different products if you want to buy link is in video description meet with you on next video till then” ALLAH HAFIZ “.

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