Stuck At Home For 72 Hours | 72 Hours Challenges | EP 14

I have sent you an email regarding the challenge with chimera email and if you have any questions our not answer any questions and goodbye [Music] [Music] they literally just hung up the call without any other instructions except for the email so I'm just gonna read it right now

hi everyone I hope you had a great weekend it book has a challenge for you starting tomorrow you will have to stay home for the next 72 hours come in you are not allowed to eat food from the items that you bought being very volatile at the moment

I think it's something [Music] myself a little gravitate to all the processed food because I am lazy YesStyle hope her off what 10 inside and I can use it follow all my news so I'm getting one of these as well oh my god some help and my TV

section [Music] for one breakfast I'm gonna get one avocado this one on the international section and I came here because I want South Korean TV the oh they also have coaches on which I think I might get in case I want to I don't know what I wanna

do make a mistake maybe a little food right I say we have to get some also essentials and what the container is on Hospital if I can get one free just nice my trusty the basket this is one of the last time I'm going out before I'm on

my stay home with a spy actually what some makeup so that I feel better about myself these are only 95 cents for one whole bag the pope of flavors golly [Music] everyone from Verdun this the right section you are not Asian my mother basically told me that air

fryer cooking is healthier look at the price I'm gonna look up for some recipes I can cook with the airfryer for my groceries I guess this is part of the state of our my 72-hour challenge has officially begun [Music] good morning is day one of the stay at

home challenge and I'm a breakfast kind of person so I decided I have cereal at home so another why not eat some yogurt with you I know it's a bit strange but I think I've seen people do it before I'm not really a breakfast person all week these

days I am this morning this is my egg sandwich I think it's great to work from home because I can eat my breakfast in from my computer I am ready for my three days worth of Japanese cuisine I'll be transforming this into a soup with a bit of

dashi I've got Ashley powder before [Music] – I do every day when I repeat annoy my pet yesterday once my hunch and look at how beautiful it is right now the keys over here like together I feel of breakfast food so I'm gonna make pancakes and avocado go

do is I'm going to keep the foot into the container I am staying at home to do my work but I decided that I'm gonna change off my pajamas so there'll be more productive and I have changed work from home doesn't mean that you need to look slow

only it possible [Applause] I'm learner's what why I'm so lazy look cooler I guess I have to listen to can other delivery and it up announcer being stuck but no so far Oh Danbury this is probably around two to three police work and what have in my hand

here is one of my favorite items that comes with obtained vices comfrey cupcake so it is just dragging bits of sesame and CV and it just Pokemon Mira so when you speak it on top of your rice like this right it is the Japanese my trusty little microwave

has just decided to die on me and what a time for it to die but thankfully I placed my neck over lunch in a glass container because I could actually put it in the oven and sprinkle some cheese and even fuckwad bits on top tell ya a little

bit so that no Dylan can please rise my mommy's trying it now right let's play new pens a PLA and I hit each other to relive my childhood [Music] so this is my final breakfast my mom is a little home did she just that while you're talking to

her mother hotel and one of my favorite things about staying home is that gets spend more time means money is good girl I just fed her I always feed her before I feed myself I'm just thinking of doors I don't get vitamin D from the Sun right I

understand am I about than a year [Music] lunch time for seniors took about 150 grams of current glass noodles in water and then chopped up your favorite vegetables and get really sir sauce sugar sesame oil and sesame seeds even have she just put that end user with enough

good it's like this nope it's like I must repent there is no way to say that this is a chunk o sh t it is like it in chicken stock pasta I have never used a nephrite before but it seems pretty straightforward I'm just gonna put everything together

and just beep and it smell good whoa mm-hmm but people who don't like to eat vegetables I think if you used an airfryer to cook your vegetables right you might change your mind mmm-hmm if any is not for both lunch and dinner and I'm gonna place my dinner

portion in a container hi guys my friends just nice Chow introduced us like this video see I've marinated some mince meat yesterday I'm probably gonna do the means for first God uses to make a snowball udon got me a salad again for dinner tonight but to top off

my dinner my mother made some chow a mushi with my eggs wah this is the most I thought looking food that I'm eating in my mom is a real chef why not me I will check back in 15 minutes I guess not they're looking crispy in my kitchen

you need to inspect way to food I think this is the trainer for 2% share but today has to be a long day so doggone be for me huh huh I do indeed learn defense oh well it's the new songs of the sea is caught one of many

things I haven't managed to go for that Isis cuz I hope [Music] [Applause] if you're gonna be staying home all day it also means thanking math all day so maybe right your skin would improve after staying home three days three [Music] fifth we also saying two hours challenge

today and I feel a bit more jaded than usual that's why I'm wearing like a nice dress is the of my two home clothes and I wear my prescription glasses because I heard that these are actually productivity Hex so let's find out is the it's my final day

of my ebook stay home notice and it's raining very nice weather to stay indoors I gotta say and I really just felt like sleeping in this morning and I did I actually woke up around 8:00 which is much later than I would wake up if I had to

go out now cuz usually when I have to go out right I'll wake up at 7 so I actually got an hour more of sleep meanwhile you know people with skin dalgona coffee I'm here just within some eggs didn't shower it's the final day I'm gonna make my

lunch now I'm gonna do a tamagoyaki I think my chops excuse up after I wrote it nicely for the first three types I broke it I'm from the world and I've seen no Liza it is like Gideon this is the whole time I'm gonna eat it tastes like

I just hoped I would be better done cooking chicken therapy and my lunch is done it is I am going to watch them enemy because I came to kill so this please enjoy if you like any media dinnertime it's the last movie I was challenged so I'm gonna

mix I think very fancy today it's called a trial a TV you mean you don't like to cook like with batches of food you can just keep your vegetables in airtight containers and you'll stay fresh within a week so from the pan right actually transfer it to this

glass container please no cheese on top and pop in the microwave your extra nicely toasted oh yes did it sound feelings so this should be a success we have teriyaki chicken dawn with stir-fried vegetables I think I'm quite glad how this turns out oh good how greatly to

English children to you and we are done with the 72 hours televisions I don't know I found this after I was challenged to be much more meaningful and fine but I've been cooking more reading out on more recipes and I also started revisiting all hobbies like playing the

ukulele honestly staying at home is a lot easier than I thought accept the fact that I find it very hard to interact my friends but honestly I feel like this desire is secondary to the importance of staying home during this crucial time and if everyone played their part

in staying whoo I think that it would be very effective in controlling the spread of the virus when a sound boring but that's the truth but they're actually a lot of ways that we can continue to interact with people while we are staying at home like we were

playing all these games and actually really fun as well you still have all the time to yourself but you can talk to people over the internet on the camera like I'm doing right now everyone really just has to pull through this period together you know because if we

all did it I think we would be able to achieve a lot more with this practice like thinking about it like what is you know and not having a home and delivery services get cut off and stuff and like how are we going to survive there is a

very real question now so I didn't think about it that much because I guess people take it for granted that you know there's all these services available but in the current situation you never know what's gonna happen one thing I could've done better in my shopping is plan

my meals a bit better rather than night just grabbing everything that I saw just okay I miss one by one maybe I'll use it next time it's very wasteful so it is in time it made me think of like how to use my food creativity and yeah I

just don't buy over buy things because like I was more than stocked up for a good period of time now one thing that I really need to do is make my room not cause but now I'm gonna be staying home for the next few days also I think

that I would definitely have the opportunity to do that I will work on it I promise I will clean my room cause it's a wreck here we are whining about having to stay at home well there they are not whining about having to stay in their protective gear

the history shows that doesn't allow them to go to toilet or eat for extended hours so to all Hospital stars cleaners and help us I just want to say a big thank you to you guys for sacrificing and taking risks for us so thank you for watching this

episode I'll say two hours challenge if you love videos like these you can catch them all over there and don't forget to Like share and subscribe bye stay safe stay at home you got this we got this we can do this together

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