We SURPRISE Our TEEN With a New Car!

[Music] so uh we have something pretty crazy in store for stephen i’m bad to the bone baby hi saudi family what is up guys i am currently starting this video in steven’s room because i wanted to show you guys something for several days now i’ve been coming into

steven’s room and i have been noticing a little booklet that has been left on his bed and on his desk and around the place his driver’s handbook we got this a long time ago and i did not know that he got it out and he’s been reading through

the utah driver’s handbook does this kid think he’s going gonna be driving soon actually guys in less than a year stephen will have his driving permit and we’ll be driving around so uh we have something pretty crazy in store for steven but first i have to wait for

steve and all of the men that i’m with to get out of the gas station apparently when guys go places they stop at gas stations and get food and drinks who would have thought are you uh glad you got your food [Music] i feel better all right guys

we have arrived um and steven’s surprise is being pulled out right as we speak what is that behind us what is going on what all right guys so we got to the house um stephen is inside so we’re gonna hurry and get this thing off the trailer and

hide it back over there so that he can’t see it [Music] all right guys super excited i’m gonna be driving this thing back on the side of the rv’s all right guys so we have it hidden now it’s just time for the surprise [Music] i need to take

a slight break because i am starving all right guys so after i eat my plan is to put a giant bow are you listening to me all right guys after i hit my plan is to put a giant oh the razor so that we can surprise stephen um

did i mention that i’m starving you found me [Music] shoot all right guys so the surprise is ready but another thing that just arrived at our house that we were not expecting it came a lot earlier and none of the kids know about this thing so it’s like

two surprises today it’s awesome all right guys so if you are curious what that enormous thing those guys were moving into my house was make sure you watch our video i believe it’s gonna be going out tomorrow hi duncan um tomorrow it is gonna be our furnished house

tour alexa announcement what’s the announcement kids we need you at the front porch we have a surprise for you all right guys are you ready i’m ready are you ready yeah yeah all right all right what are you doing they have no idea bring it out front what

i’m confused what’s going on no that’s not [Music] guess what stephen you’ll be driving this next year i am that’s right oh i am [Music] is this really mine actually guys this is moms okay so here’s the deal guys we have enough room right now for six people

we are going to be getting a bench that goes back here that will fit two more people we will be able to fit our entire family everyone inside this thing wait is this a car but stephen this would be a perfect thing since it is street legal to

practice drawings around it right so technically it’s kind of mine too right if i get to writing this to school all right should we take it for a spin yeah all right [Music] all right guys where should we go park ice cream or around the block we’re gonna

go around the block what a good idea guys [Music] guys [Music] i guess i know [Music] [Music] [Music] but guess what i’m putting this thing in park stephen oh boy time to learn to drive everybody get out of this thing you do not want to be in here

for this all right stephen so when you’re learning to drive there’s some key components one don’t hit anything two be safe seriously all right all right okay the fat pedal is the brake and the skinny one is the accelerator i want just to stay on low because i

know you don’t trust me go up put it in drive and get going have fun oh boy obviously i’m not letting him drive on the road but he’s learning how to drive in our gravel this is so weird to drive let’s see it not bad he’s gonna figure

it out steven park it up all right all right that’s all my heart can take that’s enough driving for him for the day but what do you guys think cool surprise blame surprise i love it all right so me and steven we’ve been out of here we went

inside relaxed a little bit yep and uh look what i just found girls are you still sitting there are you just enjoying the heck out of it yeah you’re not supposed to have that much fun no no you’re practicing riding in the back seat yeah well you guys

are gonna have fun when i drive you around what enough driving for this kid for the day but who thinks we should go get some drinks we were just about to leave but i think we got caught yes parker’s coming with us let’s go parker you want to

go for a ride the way she runs this is a hit so one thing about this is it gets really windy with the half window yeah i really wish i had some sunglasses but we’re gonna do it anyways you guys ready yeah full speed ahead happy birthday hunter

let’s go i’m bad to the bone baby let’s get some drink a celebration drink for the new vehicle whoa sorry guys i’m the only one who gets one wait no this is good looking college that right there huh i said now this is good looking [Music] how are

your drinks how come naked whipped cream i don’t have any whipped cream on my drink what happens i’m jealous guys this has been awesome the new vehicle what do you guys think awesome [Applause] it’s fun it’s gonna fit the whole family so when we go on cool campouts

we can all go somewhere i guess it will go to lagoon thanks so much for being part of our big surprise for steven whoa when he turns 16 he’s gonna actually get to drive this bad boy but thanks so much for watching today’s video don’t forget to subscribe

and hit that notification bell right next to the subscribe button so that you guys can get notifications for all our videos she wants to do the funny part what’s the funny part the funny part is that you just said she’s talking about me messing up because i can

never say the right line don’t forget to download [Music] you

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